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Ivana Beesham

Experts Flummoxed By Conflicting New Data on STIs, HIV, and Long-Term Contraception in Sub-Saharan Africa

ECHO trial results and follow-up studies find unexpectedly low rates of some STIs among users of certain long-term hormonal contraceptives. They also find high HIV rates (unrelated to the contraceptives) that suggest considerable value for PrEP integration.

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Hormonal Contraception Does Not Increase HIV Risk, Study Finds

No meaningful difference was found in either injectable or implant birth control when compared to an IUD.

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Kenya: Assessment of Changes in Condom Use Among Female Sex Workers in a Prospective Cohort Study Introducing Diaphragm Use for Disease Prevention

In the current study, the researchers assessed changes in condom use rate and number of sex partners among 140 female sex workers in Kibera, Kenya, who participated in a six-month study of diaphragm use to prevent STDs during 2004-2005.

Analyses wer...