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From Incarceration to Post-Release, Local Programs Improve Inmate Care for HIV and Hepatitis C

Two models, one from Washington State and another from Los Angeles County, can be duplicated elsewhere to get people into care, experts say.

By Stephen Hicks

Researchers Crave More Data on HIV Care Continuum Programs for Recently Incarcerated People

Sixteen years after the success of Project START for HIV risk reduction, we still don't know what works best for helping people with HIV stay in care after prison.

By Sony Salzman

Optimizing HIV and Hepatitis C Continuum of Care Outcomes for Criminal Justice-Involved Populations

Curt G. Beckwith, M.D., and Sugi Min, his mentee, discuss their clinical research focused on improving the diagnosis, treatment, and longitudinal care of HIV infection among substance users, particularly those in the criminal justice system.

By Jeanine Barone

Telehealth May Improve HIV Viral Suppression for People in Prison

A presentation at the recent conference of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC 2018) looked at the use of video consultations and remote diagnostics in prisons to deliver high-quality health care.

By Sony Salzman

Prison Health Is Public Health: The Case for Testing and Treating Hepatitis C in Prisons

It is estimated that one-third of Americans with hepatitis C pass through the criminal justice system each year.

By Andrew Reynolds for Positively Aware

To Understand Challenges Black Men With HIV Face on Re-Entry From Prisons, an Intersectional Approach Is Needed, Study Shows

There are multiple reasons why re-entry into communities from prison for black men with HIV is a difficult proposition, according to a recent study.

By Stephen Hicks

State Prisons Fail to Offer Cure to 144,000 Inmates With Deadly Hepatitis C

A survey of 49 states reveals that an estimated 144,000 inmates with hepatitis C can't get the expensive drugs they need to cure it.

By Siraphob Thanthong-Knight for Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Case Management Improves Linkage to Care for People Living With HIV Post-Release From Prison or Jail, New Study Shows

People living with HIV who spent time in Connecticut correctional facilities and received transitional case management were more likely to be promptly linked to care after their release than those who did not receive such services.

By Barbara Jungwirth

HIV Among Incarcerated Populations in the United States

A summary of key facts and statistics about HIV in correctional settings.

By Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This Week in HIV Research: The Yawning Post-Prison Care Gap

Among the four studies we highlight this week is a distressing reminder of how much work remains to link HIV-positive inmates to proper HIV care once they're released.

By Barbara Jungwirth