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CDC Explains and Defends Molecular Surveillance System

A leading researcher at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention addressed community concerns that surveillance data will be used to put people in prison under HIV criminalization laws.

By Martha Kempner

Going to USCA Was My Form of Self-Care

"More than a conference, it is a family reunion and place to network and learn, but most importantly uplift each other," Maria Mejia writes.

By Maria T. Mejia for The Well Project

Injection Drug Use Among People Living With HIV: A Missed Opportunity to Save Lives

Panelists at CROI 2018 painted a bleak picture of the scale of the country's addiction crisis, noting that the never-before-seen dynamics of the current drug epidemic require creative approaches to HIV treatment and prevention among people who inject...

By Sony Salzman

New Study Shows Women's HIV Risk Triples During Pregnancy, Quadruples Postpartum

Study highlights the need for PrEP and other HIV prevention strategies for pregnant women and new mothers in high-prevalence settings.

By Sony Salzman

More Women Must Be Included in Academia and in Clinical Trials, Panelists Demand

Presentations on women in research at this year's Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections highlighted the lack of inclusion, offered ideas on how to remedy the situation, and showed how one woman moved from advocate to researcher.

By Barbara Jungwirth

What Do Transgender Women Want? Lessons Learned by Listening

Though deeply impacted by the virus, HIV may not be the first concern for transgender women.

By Sony Salzman

New HIV Rate Similar Above and Below Age 45 in 86,836-Person U.S. Study

In the years 2011-2013 people 45 or older acquired HIV infection at a frequency similar to that of younger people in New York City, San Francisco, and North Carolina.

By Mark Mascolini

Thank You, Paul Kawata: Reflections on USCA and Being a Gay Man of a Certain Age

At 53 years old, Richard Wolitski, Ph.D., admits it can be challenging to be "embracing and celebrating myself while my body (and sometimes my mind) shows signs of wear and more than 20 years of living with HIV."

By Richard Wolitski, Ph.D. for

The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp

"In spite of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, everyone in this fight can rise," Jourdan Barnes writes. "In spite of not being represented in the world, we can join together to form a union that will be as loud as loud can be."

By Jourdan Barnes for The Black AIDS Institute

My Journey Through Health Care and HIV as a Black American

For George M. Johnson, a recent panel discussion was the culmination of his tri-fold existence -- as a human, a worker and an activist -- where he could share the totality of his experience as a black man living with HIV.

By George M. Johnson