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Gay Men, Substance Use, and Harm Reduction: It's Time to Act Img

Gay Men, Substance Use, and Harm Reduction: It's Time to Act

"Placing more attention on meeting the sexual health and holistic wellness needs of gay men affected by sexualized substance use is critical," writes the associate director of Ontario's Gay Men's Sexual Health Alliance.

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This Week in HIV Research: Rethinking PrEP Guidelines

Alternate PrEP guideline recommendations; partner notification and onward HIV transmission; shifting causes of death among HIV/HCV-coinfected people; correlates of lower adherence among people on methadone maintenance.

Why Has HIV in Saskatchewan Become More Harmful for Some People? Img

Why Has HIV in Saskatchewan Become More Harmful for Some People?

Researchers analyzed the genetic sequences of HIV among people in the Canadian province and discovered strains of HIV that have adapted to some people's immune defenses.

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Canada: Food Insecurity Linked to HIV-Treated Drug Users' Deaths

A study by researchers at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, found that food insecurity increases risk of death among injection drug users (IDUs) with HIV/AIDS, even if they are receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART).

Robert Hogg -- senio...

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Canada: Supportive Housing Improves Safety for Female Sex Workers

Female sex workers who reside in supportive-housing units feel more control over negotiating condom use and have less trouble with the police than prostitutes working the streets, a new Canadian study found. Researchers from the University of British...

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Canada: Van Patrol Helps Vancouver Sex Workers Access Drug Treatment -- Study

An outreach targeting female sex workers in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is making inroads, a new study finds. Prostitutes who interact with the mobile van's staff of former sex workers are four times more likely to enter detox programs.

The Mobile...

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Canada: Women Opting Out of HIV Testing More Likely to Have HIV

Women in prenatal care who chose not to be screened for HIV were more likely to be infected than those who opted to be tested, according to a new Canadian study.

In a review of more than 110,000 women in Alberta receiving prenatal infectious-disease...

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Report: One in Eight Adult Women in Rhode Island Victim of Forcible Rape

One in eight adult women in Rhode Island has suffered a forcible rape in her lifetime, according to a report released Monday by state health officials and advocates for assault victims. The CDC-funded study was prepared by the National Violence Again...

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Philadelphia: More AIDS Cases With Female Faces

In Philadelphia, HIV/AIDS is increasingly a disease of women, especially black and Hispanic women. Many newly diagnosed patients are heterosexual minority women who are not promiscuous, not injecting drugs, and -- because of cultural biases -- not li...

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Vancouver: Police Crackdown on Drug Dealers Accused of Increasing HIV Risk

A police crackdown on drug dealers in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is exacerbating the neighborhood's AIDS and hepatitis epidemic by driving addicts away from needle exchange programs and other services, a Human Rights Watch report says. Titled Oper...