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AIDS: Fewer Than 10 Percent of Drug Users Get Help

A small fraction of the world's HIV-positive injection drug users (IDUs) get the assistance they need to keep themselves healthy and avoid spreading the virus to others, according to reports presented this week at the 18th International AIDS Conferen...

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Under the Radar: July 21

Supplement This: New Studies Support Dietary Supplementation Among People Living With HIV/AIDS What Kind of Syringe Is Best? Nobody Puts Female Condom in the Corner

Here's a hodgepodge of underreported news coming out of IAC:

Supplement This:...

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UNODC: Humane and Effective Drug Dependence Treatment

Detention of HIV positive drug users is not treatment for their dependence. Drug dependence is a health disorder and punishment is not the appropriate response. This was the key message contained in a UNODC discussion paper launched at the XVIII AIDS...

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Law Enforcement Leaders for Public Health and Rights

Transcript (.pdf)

For more information on this session, including access to speaker presentations, please see the conference Programme-at-a-Glance.

Participants of this roundtable include a chief of criminal policy, a high ranking police colonel wh...