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'Drug Users Are People Too': Addressing Opioid Addiction, Chemsex, Alcoholism, and Smoking Among People Living With HIV

A CROI 2019 symposium demonstrated the need for continued research and programs that address substance use and its impact on people living with HIV.

By Sony Salzman

Drug Use May Be Increasing Syphilis Rates Among HIV-Positive Cisgender Women, Studies Show

The global increase in sexually transmitted infections was a major focus of the CROI 2019 meeting in Seattle, Washington.

By Kenyon Farrow

What Should the Next U.S. President Do to Advance the Fight Against HIV?

We asked some of the leading HIV experts and advocates what they would tell the next U.S. president to do in order to keep advancing the fight against HIV.

By Warren Tong

Can Cash Incentives Reduce HIV Risk?

On paper, it makes sense that cash incentives can influence behavior. But in the real world, can cash incentives help change people’s behaviors and reduce their risks of HIV?

By Sony Salzman

MSMGF, Johns Hopkins University Unveil New Gay Men's Health Curriculum for Health Care Providers

MELBOURNE, Australia -- The MSMGF and Johns Hopkins University have launched a new international training curriculum designed to give healthcare providers the cultural competency and clinical skills necessary to meet the health needs of gay men and o...

By Global Forum on MSM & HIV

On Peer Syringe Exchange Delivery and on Working Together

What role does syringe exchange play in ending the HIV epidemic?

By Rafael Torruella for Housing Works

Excessive Drinking May Be a Problem Among Young, White People With HIV

HIV meds appear more likely to stop working among HIV-positive people who frequently drink alcohol -- but frequent drinking doesn't seem to have a bad effect on CD4 counts.

By Fred Furtado

HIV Among Drug Using Populations: A Global Perspective

Transcript (.pdf)

For more information on this session, including access to speaker presentations, please see the conference Programme-at-a-Glance.

The International AIDS Society (IAS) in collaboration with the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NID...

By Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

AIDS: Fewer Than 10 Percent of Drug Users Get Help

A small fraction of the world's HIV-positive injection drug users (IDUs) get the assistance they need to keep themselves healthy and avoid spreading the virus to others, according to reports presented this week at the 18th International AIDS Conferen...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network

Under the Radar: July 21

Supplement This: New Studies Support Dietary Supplementation Among People Living With HIV/AIDS What Kind of Syringe Is Best? Nobody Puts Female Condom in the Corner

Here's a hodgepodge of underreported news coming out of IAC:

Supplement This:...

By Warren Tong