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Incarcerated People

To Understand Challenges Black Men With HIV Face on Re-Entry From Prisons, an Intersectional Approach Is Needed, Study Shows

There are multiple reasons why re-entry into communities from prison for black men with HIV is a difficult proposition, according to a recent study.

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HIV Stigma Still Common in Europe, Survey Finds

In a recent survey of people not living with HIV, many still believed that people living with HIV should not be allowed to work in hospitals, restaurants, or universities, among other occupations, and 68% said they would be uncomfortable dating someo...

Stefan Baral, M.D.

HIV-Related Stigma and Discrimination: New Insights for Effective Interventions From AIDS 2018

At AIDS 2018, the session "Antifragile: Strengthening the HIV Response Through Addressing Stigma and Discrimination" reviewed new developments in the effort to combat stigma and discrimination.

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News Analysis

AIDS 2018: The Good and the Bad

"At this year's International AIDS Conference ... we witnessed several pivotal developments in the global HIV response," Sean Hosein writes. "We also saw some setbacks in our efforts to prevent infections and improve the lives of people living with H...

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This Week in HIV Research: Mitigating an ICE-y Reception

HIV ramifications of the Trump administration’s anti-immigration efforts; HIV in plasma vs. rectal tissue; how HCV treatment affects HIV/HCV coinfection; HPV vaccination efficacy among women with HIV.

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This Week in HIV Research: A Yawning Racial Gap in U.S. Testing

HIV testing disparities among black MSM in the Southern U.S.; reasons for non-adherence in a vaginal HIV prevention ring trial; the importance of PrEP despite successful HIV treatment; inaccurate antiretroviral usage rates in Africa.

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Children (Ages 0-17)

Younger People Living With HIV More Likely to Have a Positive Self Image

Results from a survey of people living with HIV in the UK who are aged 15-24 included the optimistic results that younger people might be experiencing less stigma than older HIV-positive people.

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This Week in HIV Research: How Discrimination Feeds Cigarette Use

Tobacco use and HIV discrimination; enhancing viral suppression after prison with naltrexone; asymptomatic myocardial impairment during acute HIV infection; undetectability and yellow fever vaccine efficacy.

Making HIV -- and Bias -- 'Part of the Party' to Strengthen Our Response to the Epidemic Img
USCA (U.S. Conference on AIDS)

Making HIV -- and Bias -- 'Part of the Party' to Strengthen Our Response to the Epidemic

Not talking about HIV does not lead to HIV ceasing to be a profound public health challenge; the same is true for the explicit and implicit biases that underpin the HIV response. Marsha Martin, D.S.W., discusses ways to remove the harm of bias on a w...