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CDC Explains and Defends Molecular Surveillance System

A leading researcher at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention addressed community concerns that surveillance data will be used to put people in prison under HIV criminalization laws.

By Martha Kempner

Making HIV -- and Bias -- 'Part of the Party' to Strengthen Our Response to the Epidemic

Not talking about HIV does not lead to HIV ceasing to be a profound public health challenge; the same is true for the explicit and implicit biases that underpin the HIV response. Marsha Martin, D.S.W., discusses ways to remove the harm of bias on a w...

By Olivia G. Ford

Bias Is Everywhere: Uncovering HIV Prejudice to Improve Service Delivery

"All disparities in HIV are connected to the biases," proclaimed HIV public health veteran Marsha Martin, D.S.W., in a workshop at September's U.S. Conference on AIDS (USCA); "and we need to figure out how we are going to take them on."

By Olivia G. Ford

DACA, Immigrant Rights and the 'Larger Compassion' of the HIV Community

"I remember when it was illegal to be a practicing homosexual," recalled Richard Zaldivar at the 2017 USCA. "DACA is not an immigrant issue. DACA and the Dreamers are an American issue. Just like gay rights, just like the battle for HIV and AIDS."...

By JD Davids

Disparities in Health Outcomes, Barriers to Care Are About More Than Just Access

The overlap between structural racism that people of color face every day and significantly lower health outcomes is impossible to ignore.

By Positive Women's Network of the United States of America (PWN-USA)

Conversations on HIV-Related Stigma and Curing HCV Coinfection shares their conversations with several presenters and participants at USCA 2017 about HIV-related stigma and curing hepatitis C coinfection among people living with HIV.


What Is the Cost of Homophobia and Other Systemic Biases?

What are the costs of homophobia, transphobia and other systems of injustice in the eyes of frontline HIV care providers, researchers and advocates?

By Olivia G. Ford

Video and Written Reports for 'Beyond Blame: Challenging HIV Criminalization' at AIDS 2016 Now Available

A full-day pre-conference meeting preceding the 21st International AIDS Conference discussed progress on the global effort to combat the unjust use of criminal laws against people living with HIV.

By Olivia G. Ford for HIV Justice Network

Food Insecurity Tied to Stigma and Depression in U.S. Women Living With HIV

Analysis of 1,238 HIV-positive U.S. women found associations between food insecurity (limited access to nutritional food) and both depressive symptoms and internalized HIV stigma.

By Mark Mascolini

Global Advocacy Highlights Against HIV Criminalization Presented at AIDS 2016

At the International AIDS Conference, the HIV Justice Network and GNP+ presented highlights relating to global advocacy against HIV criminalization based on updated research from their Advancing HIV Justice 2 report.

By HIV Justice Network