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U.S. Border Agents Patrol The Rio Grande Valley In Texas

We Must End HIV-Based Family Separation at the Border

In this op-ed, a group of family physicians and HIV specialists revisit the cruel reality happening at the U.S. border for people living with HIV.

Kistin Nolan, M.P.H.

How Does Trauma-Informed Care Improve Outcomes for Youth With HIV?

Kistin Nolan, M.P.H., and colleagues helped pilot a retention program designed to accommodate the emotional turmoil that makes it more difficult for young people with HIV to successfully navigate the health care system.

Adverse Childhood Events and Risk for HIV: A Top HIV Clinical Development of 2015 Img

Adverse Childhood Events and Risk for HIV: A Top HIV Clinical Development of 2015

If your HIV clinic is anything like mine, not a small number of the patients have major health challenges. Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, pack-a-day smoking habits, obesity, risky sex, domestic violence -- these turn up on my patients' problem...

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Beyond Vulnerability: Breaking the Link Between Violence and HIV Risk for Young People

A growing body of research reveals a link between young people's exposure to violence and their risk for HIV.1 Connecting the dots can help us better understand the various ways in which violence and stigma are linked to HIV risk in the lives of yout...

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Abused, Maltreated Kids Have Sex Earlier: Study

A new study has found that child maltreatment -- physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, as well as neglect -- raises the risk of early sexual intercourse.

All types of mistreatment "increase the risk for emotional distress at age 12 and sexual inter...

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High Rates of Sexual Abuse in Hawaii -- Particularly in Indigenous Population

My name is Marie-Claude Julsaint. I'm with the World YWCA [Young Women's Christian Association] in Geneva, Switzerland. I'm the program director for the Americas and the Caribbean region.

What are you presenting here today in the poster session?


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"It's What Your God, of Whatever Name, Would Want You to Do ..."

Editor's Note: The following address was delivered June 10, 2002, by Stephen Lewis, Special Envoy of United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, to the African Religious Leaders Assembly on Children and HIV/AIDS in Nairobi, Kenya.

I feel entirely...