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Three Signs Your HIV/AIDS Organization Has a Racism Problem

Tokenism, a form of racism, is pervasive in the U.S. -- particularly within HIV organizations whose mission is to serve people of color.

AIDS Activists Hold March And Rally In New York City

Ending the HIV Epidemic Will Take More Than Medicine

Our HIV research agenda has to address the world outside of a clinical trial, vaccine researcher Stephaun E. Wallace, Ph.D., argues.

Amy Nunn, Sc.D.

Getting Clergy to Step Out on Faith With HIV Education and Mobilization

How much of a role do community faith-based public health programs play in reducing the disparity we see among African Americans contracting HIV?

HIV Conspiracy Theories and the Black Community: A Blog Entry by Kimberly A. Parker, Ph.D. Img

HIV Conspiracy Theories and the Black Community: A Blog Entry by Kimberly A. Parker, Ph.D.

A new study finds that the distrust brought about by HIV-related rumors and conspiracy theories could be addressed by strengthening relationships between African Americans and health professionals. Dr. Kimberly Parker adds that it's important to ackn...

HIV Medications Dialogue Differs by Race, Ethnicity Img

HIV Medications Dialogue Differs by Race, Ethnicity

Do factors like race affect the way that doctors interact with their patients and, ultimately, the quality of the care they give?

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Where We Enter: Black Women and HIV-Prevention Research

Only the Black woman can say 'when and where I enter, in the quiet, undisputed dignity of my womanhood, without violence and without suing or special patronage, then and there the whole ... race enters with me.'  -- Anna Julia Cooper, born enslaved i...

The Rev. Edwin Sanders: Ministering to "Whosoever They May Be" Img

The Rev. Edwin Sanders: Ministering to "Whosoever They May Be"

Historically, black churches have been the most powerful social institutions in the African-American community. Their silence around HIV/AIDS has helped fuel the spread of the virus, particularly in the U.S. South. But as the Black AIDS Institute rep...

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Maryland: As HIV/AIDS Takes Its Toll on the Black Community, Officials Urge Early Diagnosis

Health officials in Maryland and beyond are using today's National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day to urge people to get tested and treated for the illness.

According to a new CDC report on 37 states with longstanding, robust HIV surveillance systems, ...

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The Reverend Doris Green

The Reverend Doris GreenTo look at the Reverend Doris Green today, with her perfectly pulled-together, casual chic elegance, her big, friendly smile and bubbling laughter, her utter respectability as a community advocate, you would never guess she ha...

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Black Churches Tackle Poverty, HIV; Activists From Across Country Meet to Map Out Strategies

US black church leaders met recently in suburban Chicago to discuss how their ministries can help fight HIV/AIDS.

"We are Christians because we endeavor to be like Jesus. It is mandated that we minister to the sick. HIV and AIDS is no exception," sa...