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Sex for Groceries in Hungry Zimbabwe: Report

Teenagers are selling sex for groceries in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, as rampant inflation -- running at more than 426 percent -- and cash and food shortages make survival a challenge. Desperate girls offer sex, according to the Standard newspaper, for "gro...

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HIV/AIDS Is Social Issue Affecting Women, Botswana Conference Participants Say

HIV/AIDS should be looked at as a "social issue, not just a medical one," according to participants attending a conference on the impact of the epidemic on women that opened on Tuesday in Botswana, VOA News reports (De Capua, VOA News, 9/10). The con...

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Disease Prevention: Zimbabwean Women Value Diaphragm as Clandestine Method to Possibly Prevent HIV

A University of California-San Francisco study found that almost half the Zimbabwean women surveyed said the ability to use a diaphragm clandestinely was very or extremely important. The percentage rose to 80 percent if their partners had other sexua...

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Significant Association Found Between Oral Contraceptive Use and HIV Acquisition

Hormonal Contraception and Risk of HIV-1 Acquisition: Results of a 10-Year Prospective Study (Oral 83) Authored by L. Lavreys, J.M. Baeten, H.L. Martin Jr., J.K. Kreiss, K. Mandaliya, J. Ndinya-Achola, J. Overbaugh

Lavreys et al. updated their...

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Female Genital Mutilation Cause of Increased HIV/AIDS in Somalia: Doctors

Female genital mutilation of Somali women has increased the number of STDs and is a recipe for higher rates of HIV/AIDS in the country, said Hodan Farah, a Somali gynecologist. "The genital cut on Somali girls between the age of seven and 10 is a dan...

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Malawi: Child Mortality Higher When Mother Has HIV

No published studies from sub-Saharan Africa have recorded child mortality and morbidity by maternal HIV status beyond age 3 years. More information on the impact of orphanhood on child physical well-being is required, especially as the number of chi...

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South African Scientists Develop Do-It-Yourself Pap Smear for Women

South African scientists have developed a simple do-it-yourself Pap smear kit for women dreading the annual visit to a gynecologist. The home test designed to detect signs of cervical cancer is the brainchild of microbiologists Andreas Karas and Jona...

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Dual Infections With HIV-1, HIV-2 and HTLV-I Are More Common in Older Women Than in Men in Guinea-Bissau

The human retroviruses HIV-1, HIV-2 and HTLV-I (human T-lymphotrophic virus type-I) are prevalent in Guineau-Bissau in the general population in both urban and rural areas. All three are transmitted through sexual, perinatal and parenteral routes.


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A Letter to South Africa's President

Dear President Mbeki,

It saddens our heart to hear that you have still not decided to let your people live. We who write this letter love you so much and you are a hero to us.

We are a small group of People Living With AIDS in Nigeria who would all...

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Outdated Contraceptive May Help in Third World

Some researchers and activists are making a concerted push to resurrect the diaphragm to prevent AIDS among the people now most threatened by the disease: women in developing countries. More than half of the world's people now infected with HIV are w...