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IAS Joins Calls to Eliminate Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV

Geneva, Switzerland -- International AIDS Society (IAS) today joined the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) in its call for the elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV.

"There is overwhelming scientific evidence to show t...

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Two in Three Young People With HIV Are Female, UNICEF Finds

In India, brochures about the correct use of condoms are distributed to students at a school in Mundavar village, Behror district.© UNICEF India/2007/Sandeep Biswas

UNICEF UK has highlighted that insufficient attention is being given to preventing t...

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Forced Sex Poses Five Times the HIV Risk Compared to Consensual Sex

Can you tell me your name and where you're from, and a little bit about your poster?

I'm Anna Foss, from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, in the U.K. My poster is on "HIV/AIDS and Rape, and Modeling Predictions of the Increase in Indivi...

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Canada: Women Opting Out of HIV Testing More Likely to Have HIV

Women in prenatal care who chose not to be screened for HIV were more likely to be infected than those who opted to be tested, according to a new Canadian study.

In a review of more than 110,000 women in Alberta receiving prenatal infectious-disease...

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Gateses Open XVI International AIDS Conference Calling for Increased Efforts to Develop Microbicides, PrEP

The scientific community and the pharmaceutical industry need to redouble their efforts to develop microbicides and pre-exposure prophylaxis methods to prevent HIV transmission, Bill and Melinda Gates said Sunday at the opening session of the XVI Int...

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One-on-One With Mardge Cohen, a Chicago Doctor Making a Difference in Rwanda

Skulls of victims of the genocide in Rwanda line the scene of a memorial.

Dr. Mardge Cohen founded one of the country's first women's HIV clinics at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. Today she is director of women's HIV research at the Ruth M. Rothst...

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Biology, Culture Make Women More Vulnerable to HIV Than Men, Experts Warn

Women are more biologically susceptible to HIV infection and are, especially in Africa, less able to cope with it due to cultural, social and economic factors, experts told the 14th International Conference on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infect...

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Feminization of AIDS: Ten Unavoidable Choices for African Leaders

The UNAIDS report on the HIV/AIDS pandemic highlights the growing rates of infection among women worldwide. Women now account for nearly 50% of all individuals living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. However, in Africa, the situation is more ominous. Almost ...

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Women and AIDS: A Growing Challenge

Early in the epidemic, men vastly outnumbered women among people infected with HIV. In 1998, women made up 41% of adults living with HIV. Today, nearly 50% of adults living with HIV globally are women -- close to 60% in sub-Saharan Africa. Women are ...

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Number of Women Living With HIV Increases in Each Region of the World

Geneva -- A new report released today shows that the number of women living with HIV has risen in each region of the world over the past two years, with the steepest increases in East Asia, followed by Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In East Asia, t...