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Ivana Beesham

Experts Flummoxed By Conflicting New Data on STIs, HIV, and Long-Term Contraception in Sub-Saharan Africa

ECHO trial results and follow-up studies find unexpectedly low rates of some STIs among users of certain long-term hormonal contraceptives. They also find high HIV rates (unrelated to the contraceptives) that suggest considerable value for PrEP integration.

Velephi Okello

Swaziland Dramatically Reduces HIV Incidence Through Test-and-Treat Programs

Swaziland has dramatically reduced the number of new HIV infections while simultaneously getting a substantial portion of the HIV-positive population on treatment.

Excellent Uptake of Test and Treat in Swaziland Pilot Project Img

Excellent Uptake of Test and Treat in Swaziland Pilot Project

The results of a "test and treat" pilot project in Swaziland presented at this year's International AIDS Conference were very positive, with a very high uptake of testing and starting treatment, good retention in care and good viral suppression.

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Opinion: Integration of TB/HIV Services Necessary to Beat "Twin Epidemics"

Swaziland "is struggling to overcome twin epidemics of HIV and tuberculosis (TB)," UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé writes in the Huffington Post "Healthy Living" blog. "Here in Swaziland, more than three-quarters of TB patients are also livin...

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MSF Report Highlights Successful Decentralized Health Care Model in Swaziland

A report (.pdf) from Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) shows how the group is training nurses to take on doctors' roles and providing community leaders with basic medical training to fight HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in Swaziland, the Associated Press/Was...

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Swaziland: AHF Launches Free Condom and HIV Testing Campaign in Manzini

US' largest AIDS Group, a key partner in the Lamvelase Help Centre in Manzini providing HIV/AIDS medical care and lifesaving antiretroviral treatment, kicks off ambitious "Love Condom" campaign and stepped-up free HIV testing effort in hard-hit Afric...

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Swaziland: African Couples Urged to Get HIV "Love Test"

Population Services International, UNICEF, and UNAIDS since April have been conducting a nationwide, free HIV testing campaign targeting Swazi couples. Though approximately 26 percent of Swaziland's population have HIV, just one in four people, mostl...

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PEPFAR Funds Used to Encourage Swaziland Couples to Get Tested Together

CNN examines the success of an HIV testing campaign in Swaziland that urges couples to get tested together. "The nationwide initiative -- funded by the United States government and implemented by global charity 'Population Services International' (PS...

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Supply Shortages, Poverty Interrupt Antiretroviral Treatments in Swaziland

Health facilities in Swaziland are experiencing shortages in antiretroviral drugs and other medications despite insistence from the country's health department that the shortage has been resolved, IRIN/PlusNews reports.

According to officials with t...

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U.N. Study Says Polygamy Main AIDS Driver in Swaziland

A recently released UN study found that traditional practices viewed as important for keeping Swazi society together are driving the country's HIV/AIDS epidemic. Polygamy, widow inheritance, multiple female partners, and extramarital relationships ar...