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From Pragmatic to Profound, It's All Powerful: Snapshots as AIDS 2014 Begins to Close Img

From Pragmatic to Profound, It's All Powerful: Snapshots as AIDS 2014 Begins to Close

The conference, which opened with loss and determination to persevere -- begins to close, as delegates share the last round of studies, strategies and stories of struggle before returning to the comfort or challenges of home.

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Growing HIV/AIDS Awareness in Indonesia's Papua Region

Indonesia's National AIDS Commission reported that efforts to increase HIV awareness among residents of Tanah Papua -- Papua and West Papua provinces -- were making slow progress. HIV prevalence in Tanah Papua was 2.4 percent (30,000 people) compared...

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Indonesia to Issue Compulsory Licenses for HIV, Hepatitis B Drugs Still Under Patent

"The Indonesian government hopes to implement one of the largest ever examples of 'compulsory licensing,' which will enable the generic manufacture of drugs still under patent," IRIN reports. "Under the World Trade Organization's Trade Related Aspect...

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Indonesia's Fastest Growing HIV Demographic? Housewives

According to the Surabaya Aids Prevention Commission, which monitors the spread of HIV in Indonesia, housewives in parts of Indonesia now outnumber prostitutes for new cases of HIV. The Bernama news outlet reports that 60 percent of new HIV cases in ...

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Reuters Examines Growing HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Indonesia

Reuters examines the growing number of HIV/AIDS cases in Indonesia, where "widespread ignorance" about the disease and a government afraid of campaigning "effectively against it for fear of being accused by conservatives of promoting promiscuity" hav...

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Health Experts Express Concerns Over HIV/AIDS, TB in Indonesia

Drug resistance and an increase in the number of HIV/AIDS cases have "led to the re-emergence of tuberculosis as a major health threat in Indonesia, according to health experts," the Jakarta Post reports. "According to the Health Ministry, there were...

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Bill to Implant Microchips in "Sexually Aggressive" HIV-Positive People in Indonesian Province Generates Support, Criticism

An Indonesian bill that includes a bylaw requiring "sexually aggressive" people living with HIV/AIDS to be implanted with microchips is causing debate between some lawmakers, who argue that the bill is necessary to curb the spread of the virus, and a...

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Indonesia Tries Sex Education Through Text Messages

Singapore's "Dr. Love" -- a flamboyant, multi-media sex educator -- has launched an SMS [short message service, or text messaging] campaign in Indonesia. The outreach is the first of its kind in the nation, which is the world's most populous Muslim...

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Far Eastern Economic Review Publishes Special Report on HIV/AIDS

The Far Eastern Economic Review in its July 15 issue included a special report on the region's HIV/AIDS epidemic. Summaries of some of the articles published in the issue appear below:

"A Healthy Precedent": The Review examines the impact of a Janu...

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Indonesian Prisons Ill-Equipped to Prevent, Treat HIV

A recent seminar on HIV/AIDS revealed that Indonesia's chief prison wardens possess insufficient knowledge about the epidemic -- a fact that worries health authorities and activists. "[Prison wardens'] lack of basic understanding of the virus is a ...