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Meet Young People on Their Own Terms and Don’t Judge Their Sex Lives, Experts Agree

Nonjudgmental services and innovative ways to talk to youth about sex should be at the core of any sexual health plan.

By Barbara Jungwirth
Indigenous Protesters at IAS 2019

Indigenous Communities in Mexico and Elsewhere Demand a Seat at the Table

"We have never been silent, but you have not heard us": Advocates demonstrate to demand inclusion of indigenous issues in the HIV response.

By Barbara Jungwirth
Participants at the IAS 2019 Community Forum

Marginalized Groups Are Focus of IAS 2019 Forum

Activists working on human rights discuss the challenges of achieving an end to the HIV epidemic.

By Barbara Jungwirth
Ivana Beesham

Experts Flummoxed By Conflicting New Data on STIs, HIV, and Long-Term Contraception in Sub-Saharan Africa

ECHO trial results and follow-up studies find unexpectedly low rates of some STIs among users of certain long-term hormonal contraceptives. They also find high HIV rates (unrelated to the contraceptives) that suggest considerable value for PrEP integration.

By Sony Salzman
Mexico City's Downtown At Twilight

IAS 2019: What to Expect in HIV Science

Six thousand HIV researchers and experts are expected to make their way to Mexico City for the 10th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science, which will feature more than 1,000 abstracts highlighting the latest findings in HIV treatment, prevention, and public health policy.

By Sony Salzman
Velephi Okello

Swaziland Dramatically Reduces HIV Incidence Through Test-and-Treat Programs

Swaziland has dramatically reduced the number of new HIV infections while simultaneously getting a substantial portion of the HIV-positive population on treatment.

By Sony Salzman
Fast-Track Cities Share 90-90-90 Progress Img

Fast-Track Cities Share 90-90-90 Progress

Health department representatives from Amsterdam, Nairobi, Paris, San Francisco and São Paulo gathered at the 2017 International AIDS Conference on HIV Science in Paris to share their lessons learned and challenges in preventing new HIV infections....

Michel Sidibé on the Global HIV Epidemic (Video) Img

Michel Sidibé on the Global HIV Epidemic (Video)

UNAIDS executive director Michel Sidibé pronounced Vancouver the place "where the era of treatment began." In 1996, the 11th International AIDS Conference in that city emphasized the effectiveness of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), whic...

By Barbara Jungwirth
Francois Venter on Access to HIV Treatment and Prevention in South Africa (Video) Img

Francois Venter on Access to HIV Treatment and Prevention in South Africa (Video)

Francois Venter, deputy executive director of the Wits Reproductive Health & HIV Institute at the University of the Witwatersrand works mostly in South Africa, the "epicenter of the HIV epidemic," as he put it. Traditional health care approaches ofte...

By Barbara Jungwirth
HIV Adherence Clubs Help People Stay in Care Img

HIV Adherence Clubs Help People Stay in Care

Implementation of community-based "adherence clubs" in South Africa, helped 94% of approximately 2,000 people with HIV to be retained in care, and 98% to be virally suppressed after a year.

By Emily Newman for BETA