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HIV Prevention and Treatment Strategies for Africa's Growing Teen and Young Adults Are Central to Future World Progress

For the world's HIV epidemics to be controlled, effective community-based prevention programs reaching adolescents and young people, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, need to be developed, funded, and scaled up.

By Sam Avrett

World Health Organization Pediatric Dosing Tool

A pediatric dosing tool developed by the World Health Organization might assist in the design of clinical trials for dosing in children.

By Polly Clayden for HIV i-Base

New Global Push to Close Pediatric HIV Treatment Gap Launched

Leading stakeholders involved in pediatric HIV treatment joined together in a special session at the International AIDS Conference to launch an urgent global push to end pediatric AIDS by 2020.


Stopping New HIV Infections Among Children and Adolescents and Providing Treatment to Women and Children

Stakeholders came together at the International AIDS Conference to to forge ahead on the "Start Free, Stay Free, AIDS Free" initiative and review the progress made towards eliminating new HIV infections among children and keeping their mothers alive....


Cash Incentive Studies Show Value of School, Financial Support, But More Needed to Protect Young People From HIV

Two clinical trials evaluating the impact of cash incentives on HIV incidence in adolescents in South Africa found that such incentives had no impact on HIV rates, while one saw a decrease in rates of herpes simplex virus.

By Christine Lubinski for Science Speaks

Barriers to HIV Testing in Older Children in South Africa

This article was reported by Medical Xpress.

Medical Xpress reported on a study in which Rashida A. Ferrand of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and colleagues examined the offer and acceptance of provider-initiated HIV testing and co...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network

Providing HIV Treatment to Children Remains Difficult in Kenya

Inter Press Service: Many Kenyan Children Miss Out on Life-Saving Drugs

"Thanks to antiretroviral drugs, HIV-positive children can now live to adulthood. Yet a significant number of children living with HIV in Kenya will die due to delay in receivin...

By Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

U.N. Urges Early Testing of More Children at Risk of HIV Infection

"More than a quarter of a million children each year are born infected with the virus that causes AIDS, but too few are being tested early to receive treatment and prolong their lives, the United Nations said on Wednesday," Reuters reports. "Children...

By Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Guardian Examines Barriers to Prescribing ART to All Children Under Five as Recommended by the World Health Organization

Noting the WHO in June "published new guidelines on the prescription of anti-retroviral therapy (ART) for the treatment of HIV positive patients," which included "a recommendation to prescribe ART to all children under five, whatever their CD4 count ...

By Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Improved Caregiver Training Helps HIV-Infected Children

Researchers have concluded that children born with HIV lived longer and richer lives if their caregivers were trained to enhance their development. Formerly, African children with HIV infection died in a few years. Advances with antiretroviral therap...

By CDC National Prevention Information Network