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Home-Based Healthcare for Cambodian Women With HIV/AIDS Improves Lives

This article was reported by the Women News Network.

The Women News Network reported that UN grantees had launched the "Strengthening the Economic Livelihoods Opportunities for Low-Income and HIV-Positive Women" program successfully in 12 Cambodian ...

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Cambodia's Success in Tackling HIV/AIDS Threatened: Study

A new study finds Cambodia "will need to significantly increase its own allocation" of funding and resources if the country is to continue its widely hailed HIV/AIDS efforts.

"The Long-Run Costs and Financing of HIV/AIDS in Cambodia" was prepared wi...

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Holding Back Progress on HIV

The biannual International AIDS Conference began yesterday in Vienna, bringing together tens of thousands of HIV experts, activists and officials from around the world. The theme of this year's conference is human rights -- a recognition that only by...

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Cambodian Sex Workers Refuse to Participate in Tenofovir HIV Prevention Trial

A group of Cambodian commercial sex workers has refused to participate in a clinical trial of the antiretroviral drug Viread to determine whether it can prevent HIV infection unless the trial's sponsors guarantee them health insurance for 30 years to...