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This Week in HIV Research: Better Serving the Underserved

May 9, 2019: HIV care retention and viral suppression among transgender women; heating opioid use equipment to curb HIV transmission; managing HIV outbreaks among people who are homeless; improving viral suppression among people who use substances.

By Barbara Jungwirth and Myles Helfand

This Week in HIV Research: Transgender Women in the Spotlight

Black transgender women and the HIV care continuum; PrEP uptake potential among trans women; an update on U.S. mother-to-child HIV transmission; is extra measles vaccination necessary?

By Barbara Jungwirth and Myles Helfand

Trans-Affirming Tips for Health Care Providers From a Nonbinary Social Worker

"To improve the health care experience for nonbinary people," Jes Scheinpflug writes, "here are four things I have done as a trans-affirming member of the social work field and things I do/would appreciate as a nonbinary person."

By Jes Scheinpflug for AIDS Foundation of Chicago