HIV Basic Science and Pathogenesis

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The Cult of HIV Denialism

Introduction The Denialists and Their Cult Doctrine and Indoctrination Creating Pariahs Controlling the Flock Deprogramming


The Cult of HIV Denialism More is known about HIV than about any other virus. Less than three decad...

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Inflammation, Immune Activation and HIV

Table of Contents

Introduction What Is Inflammation? Chronic Inflammation and Immune Activation HIV and Inflammation A New Paradigm Looking at Biomarkers Effects of Inflammation on the Body Managing Inflammation Conclusion Selected...

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Australia: HIV Myths Persist Despite Campaigns

In a recent online survey of people ages 18-29 in New South Wales, many held misconceptions about how HIV is transmitted despite awareness campaigns over the years. Some young adults still believe the virus can be transmitted through mosquitoes, shar...

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HIV and Your Immune System

Why Learn About HIV and the Immune System?

Permitting us to survive and thrive in a sea of potentially infectious microbes, our immune systems are always at work. Laboring, for the most part, in relative silence and obscurity, these systems of defen...

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Automated Network Could Predict Disease Outbreaks That Originate in Animals

The AP/San Francisco Chronicle examines Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers' efforts to create an automated network to monitor animals in an effort to predict disease outbreaks because two out of every three human diseases "originated in anima...

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Scientists Examine HIV's Effect on Immune System

A study by researchers from Duke University and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and published in PLoS Medicine has found that upon infection "three lines of attack by the immune system are quickly neutralized by HIV," findings they hope ...

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U.S. HIV Awareness Is Disturbingly Low, Survey Suggests

Washington, DC -- Less than a year after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recalculated the size of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and announced that there were 40 percent more new HIV infections each year than previously believed, a new su...

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Caltech Scientists Show Why Anti-HIV Antibodies Are Ineffective at Blocking Infection

Pasadena, Calif. -- Some 25 years after the AIDS epidemic spawned a worldwide search for an effective vaccine against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), progress in the field seems to have effectively become stalled. The reason? According to new...

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HAART Reduces Inflammation in the Blood But ...

HAART generally reduces the production of HIV, allowing the immune system to begin repairing itself. As a result, the number of important CD4+ T-cells in the blood increases and these and other cells of the immune system regain their ability to detec...

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Are You Positive You're Negative?

[myth] I don't need an HIV test. There's no way I could be infected.

[truth] What you don't know can hurt you ... and those you care about.

A quarter of people in the U.S. who are HIV positive do not know it, according to the Centers for Diseas...