HIV Basic Science and Pathogenesis

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CDC Launches the 30 Years of HIV/AIDS Web Community

This year, CDC will commemorate 30 years of fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States. To highlight our collective progress and examine existing challenges, CDC is launching an online community that will serve as an information and communic...

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After 30 Years, War on AIDS at "Moment of Truth"

The global war on AIDS is facing a "moment of truth" and requires new strategies and slower growth in costs if anti-HIV efforts are to be sustainable, the UN said Thursday. The General Assembly High Level Meeting on AIDS, to be held June 8-10 at the ...

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Older Adults (Ages 50+)

Immunology and Inflammation: An Update From the 1st International Workshop on HIV & Aging

This is part of a series of articles summarizing presentations from the 1st International Workshop on HIV & Aging, which took place in Baltimore, Md., from Oct. 4 to Oct. 5, 2010. Jump to the table of contents to see the other articles in this series...

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Australia: Understanding HIV's Infectious Grip

Australian scientists believe they know how HIV can establish itself in latent form in the human body, a mystery that has presented the foremost barrier to eradicating the virus by highly active antiretroviral therapy. The study proposes a mechanism ...

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Did Doctors Jumpstart the HIV Pandemic?

Two new studies suggest a health care link as HIV evolved from a chimp's infection, possibly transmitted to bush meat hunters by bite or blood, to its earliest human dissemination and global spread.

Scientists have theorized that the HIV pandemic wa...

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Study Dates HIV Ancestor to at Least 32,000 Years Ago

New research suggests that the simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) lineage was already circulating in monkeys and apes at least 32,000 years ago. During the millennia since, humans would have been exposed to it countless times as they butchered monke...

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Salk Gets $21 Million to Study HIV/AIDS

The National Institutes of Health has awarded $21 million to a consortium led by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies to investigate how the body's immune system responds immediately after it is exposed to HIV.

It is hoped the research will con...

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HIV: The New and the Now

Personal Perspective: HIV: The New and the Now

In my eight years at ACRIA, I have given workshops on topics ranging from the immune system to domestic violence. But "What's New in HIV?" is definitely one of my favorites, because I never know exactly...

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The Cult of HIV Denialism

Introduction The Denialists and Their Cult Doctrine and Indoctrination Creating Pariahs Controlling the Flock Deprogramming


The Cult of HIV Denialism More is known about HIV than about any other virus. Less than three decad...

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Inflammation, Immune Activation and HIV

Table of Contents

Introduction What Is Inflammation? Chronic Inflammation and Immune Activation HIV and Inflammation A New Paradigm Looking at Biomarkers Effects of Inflammation on the Body Managing Inflammation Conclusion Selected...