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Inflammation and Its Discontents Img

Inflammation and Its Discontents

When cells of the immune system encounter invading germs they can become activated and enter into a heightened state of alert. Such cells help to marshal the immune system against germs.

Rosuvastatin May Be Partially Effective in Moderating Residual Immune Activation on ART Img
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Rosuvastatin May Be Partially Effective in Moderating Residual Immune Activation on ART

Many HIV positive people never achieve a CD4 recovery to greater than 500 cells/mL on ART even after many years on treatment. The role of residual immune activation in this response is unknown and as statins have anti-inflammatory effects, their pote...

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Tobacco Smoking Impairs Immune System in HIV-Infected People

This article was reported by Digital Journal.

Digital Journal reported on a study of the effects of smoking in HIV-infected individuals. Researchers from the University of Miami analyzed the effect of HIV and smoking on the immune system of infected...

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More on the Links Between the CD4/CD8 Ratio, Immunological Perturbations, and Risk of Illness and Death

Since posting recently about studies investigating the relevance of the CD4/CD8 ratio in the antiretroviral therapy era, several new papers and presentations have provided more information on the topic. Last week in the open access journal PLoS Patho...

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Catching Up With Pathogenesis and Cure Research From CROI 2014

In addition to studies covered in prior posts (a possible second pediatric cure case, Sangamo's gene therapy and limitations of latency-reversing agents), CROI 2014 featured a smorgasbord of presentations related to pathogenesis and cure research. We...

HIV in the Blood and Gut: Exploring the Differences Img

HIV in the Blood and Gut: Exploring the Differences

HIV doesn't treat all parts of the body equally -- a fact that has ramifications not just for the health of people with HIV, but also for our efforts to develop an HIV vaccine, recent research has found.

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Circulating Memory T Follicular Helper Cells Correlate With the Development of Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Responses Against HIV

A study published on September 12th by the journal Immunity ties together two emerging areas of HIV vaccine research. In recent years, scientists have discovered that a small proportion of chronically infected individuals develop antibody responses c...

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Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Receives US$290,000 National Endowment for the Humanities Grant for International Research Team to Study Origins of HIV/AIDS

An international team led by Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) professors has received a three-year National Endowment for the Humanities award to study the origins of HIV/AIDS. Rather than identifying the first HIV case, the ...

HIV Could Be Worsened by Harmful Bacteria, Like _E. coli_, in Digestive Tracts Img

HIV Could Be Worsened by Harmful Bacteria, Like E. coli, in Digestive Tracts

People with HIV may have very high levels of harmful bacteria in their digestive systems that could weaken their ability to stave off infections, recent research suggests.

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Can a Route to Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Be Traced?

In recent years, new technologies have facilitated the discovery of an expanding number of antibodies capable of neutralizing a broad array of primary HIV isolates from different clades. As covered previously on the blog, these broadly neutralizing a...