HIV Basic Science and Pathogenesis

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Washington Post Examines Reaction to Study Tracking HIV's Arrival in U.S. From Haiti

The Washington Post on Monday examined reaction to a recent study that found that HIV likely arrived in the U.S. from Haiti about a decade earlier than previously believed (Stein, Washington Post, 11/5). The study, published last week in the Proceedi...

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HIV Arrived in U.S. From Haiti 10 Years Earlier Than Previously Believed, Study Says

The most widespread HIV subtype outside Africa likely emerged in Haiti in the 1960s and arrived in the U.S. a few years later -- about 10 years earlier than previously believed -- according to a study published Tuesday in the Proceedings of the Natio...

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Study Finds Genetic Influence on Pace of HIV/AIDS Progression


Viral load -- the amount of virus in the blood of an HIV-infected person -- has long been viewed as the chief indicator of how quickly someone infected with HIV infection progresses to AIDS. New data published in Nature Immunology builds on pre...

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Immune Activation in HIV Infection

"... no longer solely of interest to academic immunologists ..."

At the recent International AIDS Society conference in Sydney, Mike Lederman reminded attendees that abnormally high levels of immune activation were described in the first case report...

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Study Examines How HIV Progresses to AIDS

Long-held theories on how HIV progresses to AIDS might be incorrect, according to a study published in the July 31 issue of the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, HealthDay News/Washington Post reports. The common belief among most scientists has be...

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Notes From the NIAID Workshop on Immune Activation and HIV Pathogenesis

Introduction On the Relationship of T-Cell Activation to Viral Replication and to CD4 Depletion Role and Therapeutic Potential of the PD-1/PD-L1 Inhibitory Pathway in Regulating T-Cell Responses During Chronic Viral Infection What Is the Basi...

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Statement on the Gambian Government's Unproven Claim of a Cure for AIDS

Geneva, Switzerland -- As the world's leading association of HIV professionals, the International AIDS Society's (IAS) more than 10,000 members are working at all levels of the global response to HIV/AIDS. Our members represent scientists, clinicians...

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 2

Which Countries Have a High Prevalence of HIV-2 Infection? What Is Known About HIV-2 in the United States? Who Should Be Tested for HIV-2? Are Blood Donors Tested for HIV-2? Is the Clinical Treatment of HIV-2 Different From That of HIV-1? ...

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The Course of HIV Disease

In my work as an HIV health educator, I often hear the same questions from people who are newly diagnosed with HIV:

What's the difference between HIV and AIDS?

How long does it take to get from HIV to AIDS?

How long do I have to live?

They can be...

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Simian Viral Strain Most Similar to HIV Found in Wild Gorilla Populations, Study Says

Scientists have discovered a virus in gorillas that is more similar to HIV than any other related HIV strain previously found in apes, according to a study published on Thursday in Nature, the Washington Post reports (Washington Post, 11/9). The find...