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Starting HAART: When to Take the First Step?

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Recent guidelines are all recommending that HIV treatment be started at a higher CD4 count because o...

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HIV Drugs Should Be Initiated Earlier, Says UN

All HIV-positive people with a CD4+ T-cell count of 350 cells/mm3 or lower should begin antiretroviral therapy (ART), the World Health Organization said on Monday. WHO released the first revision to its ART recommendations in four years at the 18th I...

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The Once and Future King: What Will Replace Atripla Atop the First-Line HIV Treatment Realm?

Gerald Pierone Jr., M.D.

Atripla (which is a combination of efavirenz + tenofovir + emtricitabine) is the acknowledged king in the realm of first-line antiretroviral therapy.  Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!  Not so fast: The king still breathes. But ...

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Treating HIV Earlier Could Save 76,000 Lives in South Africa

A new study finds that starting treatment when CD4 cells drop below 350 per cubic millimeter of blood could save 76,000 lives in South Africa alone over the next five years. Mathematical modeling also showed that starting South African patients on tr...

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HIV's Silent Dangers Make Early HIV Treatment Critical, Expert Says

There's nothing like hearing the results of studies directly from those who actually conducted the research. In this summary, you'll hear Wafaa El-Sadr, M.D., M.P.H., discuss her plenary paper. It is followed by questions from reporters and comments ...

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Treating AIDS Infection Immediately Might Stall Immune Decay

Study results presented Feb. 9 at the 16th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Montreal found significant benefits may be associated with treating patients immediately following HIV infection.

In August, the International AIDS...

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High Adherence May Become Less Essential the Longer a Patient Maintains Viral Suppression on HAART, Findings Suggest

I'm David Bangsberg, at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. This study is based on a group of people who are homeless or marginally housed in San Francisco, who are on antiretroviral therapy.1 We're measuring their adherence wi...

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During First 45 Days Post HAART Initiation Patients Hospitalized Most Often for Non-AIDS-Defining Infections

My name is Steve Berry, and I'm with Johns Hopkins University. I'm presenting the results of a prospective observational study showing the reasons for hospitalizations in HIV-infected patients after HAART initiation.

We looked at 2,000 people in our...

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Ever Upward: "When to Start" Debate Turns to CD4+ Cell Count of 500

There's nothing like hearing the results of studies directly from those who actually conducted the research. In this interview, you'll meet two of these impressive HIV researchers and read their explanation of studies they presented at CROI 2009. Aft...

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Earlier Treatment of HIV Could Help HIV-Positive People Avoid Long-Term Complications, Recommendations Say

A panel of the International AIDS Society-USA in the Aug. 6 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association issued new recommendations for when doctors should begin antiretroviral treatment for patients with HIV, AFP/ reports. The ...