FDA-Approved HIV Medications

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Switching Protease Inhibitors Does Not Compromise Efficacy, Safety, Study Suggests

This is Gerald Pierone from the AIDS Research and Treatment Center of the Treasure Coast. I'm here in Mexico City at the International AIDS Conference with Dr. Ben Young, and we're at a poster presentation. The title of the poster is "Switching to Fo...

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An Update on New HIV Antiretroviral Agents

Table of Contents

Introduction Etravirine: The First FDA-Approved Second-Generation NNRTI Etravirine Adverse Events Etravirine Dosing Drug Interactions Summary New Protease Inhibitors Darunavir: The First FDA-Approv...

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An HIV Medication Primer

An HIV Medication PrimerWith the dizzying array of HIV meds now available and new drugs being added every year, it may seem difficult if not impossible to make sense of all the choices. But in reality, for someone starting meds for the first time, th...

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Update From CROI 2008 on Approved HIV Drugs

The Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections is the most important annual science conference in the US covering HIV/AIDS. This year's meeting was held in Boston, MA and included presentations ranging from vaccines to microbicides and e...

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Strategies for HIV Therapy

Introduction What Is HIV and HIV Disease? The Goals of HIV Therapy The Challenges of Therapy Why Use Anti-HIV Therapy? When Should I Start Treatment? Quality of Life Issues Viral Load and Women Points for People to Think About for P...

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Agenerase (Amprenavir) Oral Solution and 50-mg Capsules to Be Discontinued in the U.S.

Dear Healthcare Provider:

This letter is intended to inform you that GlaxoSmithKline will be discontinuing the sale of Agenerase Oral Solution and 50 mg Capsules in the US by the end of October 2007. This action is not the result of any safety or ef...

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Lipodystrophy/Body Fat

Protein Accumulation Might Cause Fat Deposits, Other Side Effects in HIV-Positive People Taking Protease Inhibitors, Study Says

Similarities between genetic conditions that cause early aging and side effects experienced by some HIV-positive people when taking protease inhibitors might explain the fat accumulation associated with the drugs, according to a study published Monda...

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Generic Drugs Used in the Treatment of HIV Infection

Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTIs)

Generic NameManufacturer NameApproval DateTime to Approvaldidanosine (ddI)Delayed Release capsulesBarr Laboratories, Inc.03-Dec-046 monthsdidanosine (ddI)for oral solution (pediatric powder), 10 mg...

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NNRTIs: The Next Generation Approaches (Part I)

Part I

Introduction Mechanisms of NNRTI Activity and HIV NNRTI Resistance NNRTI Resistance in NNRTI-Naive and NNRTI-Experienced Individuals NNRTI Mutations: Resistance and Cross-Resistance NRTI Mutations: The Potential Impact on NNRTIs NNR...

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NNRTIs: The Next Generation Approaches (Part II)

Case Study: Patient JD

JD is a 46-year-old gay male. He first learned of his HIV status in 1994 after a former partner with whom he had been in a three-year relationship discovered that he was HIV infected.

JD felt well when he was first tested for...