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Long-Acting ART Is Here. How Do We Make It Work for Our Patients?

Injectable HIV interventions are a game-changing new option for people dealing with pill fatigue, but there are implementation challenges for clinicians to consider.

By Larry Buhl
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Long-Acting HIV Treatment and PrEP Pipeline Update: So Many Formulations!

CROI 2021 featured new research on a host of long-acting antiretrovirals in development, including less-frequent treatment injections, a weekly pill for HIV treatment, injectable PrEP, vaginal PrEP rings, and PrEP implants.

By Larry Buhl
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This Week in HIV Research: While You Were CROI-ing

March 11, 2021: Anticholinergic medications and neurocognitive issues; weight gain and dolutegravir in older men; drug interaction risks on B/F/TAF; real-world efficacy of HBV-active HIV treatment.

By Barbara Jungwirth and Myles Helfand
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Flurry of New Research Explores Weight Gain on Integrase Inhibitors Among People Living With HIV

Taken together, these studies appear to confirm that weight gain is a class effect of INSTIs, albeit with potential differences between individual drugs—and much left to be learned about the health impact.

By Michael Broder
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More Research Points to Weight Increases on TAF-Containing HIV Treatment

Although the mechanism and long-term implications remain unclear, these studies affirm that the effect is occurring—and that a person’s prior HIV treatment regimen may play a role.

By Michael Broder
Black man talking with his doctor in office.

B/F/TAF Holds Up as Switch Regimen for Black People Living With HIV, Including Those With Resistance

While the most striking aspect of the study was its demographic focus, the baseline resistance profile of the participants was also key.

By Michael Broder
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As Two-Drug HIV Treatment Rises, Long-Term Inflammation Becomes a Potential Concern

These studies presented at AIDS 2020 explore the benefits and challenges.

By Myles Helfand
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Tempering Previous Concerns, Study Finds Dolutegravir Safest HIV Treatment During Pregnancy

New data shows the drug is not more likely to cause birth defects.

By Sony Salzman
pregnant woman talking to doctor

Raltegravir Not Linked to Birth Defects, Study Shows

Amidst uncertainty regarding the safety of some integrase inhibitors during pregnancy, a study shows that an older integrase inhibitor may be a good option for those with HIV who intend to give birth.

By Kenyon Farrow
Pair of female feet on a bathroom scale

One Class of HIV Drugs Is Associated With Weight Gain. What's the Latest?

The question of whether INSTIs cause weight gain continues to be debated. This story draws together some research on which drugs are associated with weight gain or other metabolic changes.

By Sony Salzman