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This Week in HIV Research: How Many Pills Can a Person Miss?

Nov. 20, 2019: Adherence required to maintain suppression; the accuracy of Framingham scores in assessing cardiovascular risk; long-term success rates for kidney transplants; integration of hypertension services with HIV care.

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Experts Flummoxed By Conflicting New Data on STIs, HIV, and Long-Term Contraception in Sub-Saharan Africa

ECHO trial results and follow-up studies find unexpectedly low rates of some STIs among users of certain long-term hormonal contraceptives. They also find high HIV rates (unrelated to the contraceptives) that suggest considerable value for PrEP integration.

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This Week in HIV Research: Additional Nuance on Pregnancy and Antiretrovirals

Switching HIV treatment regimens during the first trimester; drivers of viral breakthrough during pregnancy; HIV’s effect on liver risk after hepatitis C treatment; hepatic steatosis among young people with HIV.

A New Meningitis Screening Test Could Help Cut South Africa's HIV/AIDS Death Toll Img

A New Meningitis Screening Test Could Help Cut South Africa's HIV/AIDS Death Toll

South Africa has launched the world's largest national screening program to detect cryptococcal meningitis -- an AIDS-defining infection -- sooner than it would have been picked up in the past.

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Why Taking Vitamin D Pills Could Help the Fight Against TB and HIV

In countries such as South Africa with a high burden of TB and HIV, vitamin D could be an extremely effective and cheap weapon to include in the arsenal against the diseases.

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South Africa: Huge Herpes Infections in Women With HIV

This article was reported by Health-e.

Health-e reported that for the first time, the South African annual antenatal HIV survey tested pregnant women for herpes simplex virus (HSV). According to the 2012 National Antenatal Sentinel HIV and HSV-2 Pre...

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South African Babies Hold TB Vaccine Hopes

Almost 2,800 babies are enrolled in a two-year study of a TB vaccine candidate hailed by some as the most exciting advance since the 1921 debut of the BCG vaccine, which is still used today.

MVA85A was developed at Oxford University. "This is the mo...

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Study in South Africa Examines TB/HIV Coinfection, MDR-TB

Researchers found that 50 percent of deceased patients at a hospital in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal were infected with active tuberculosis, and 17 percent of those with active TB had a multi-drug resistant strain, according to a PLoS ...

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South African TB Nurses' Experiences of Provider-Initiated HIV Counseling and Testing in the Eastern Cape Province: a Qualitative Study

South Africa's Eastern Cape Province has some of the world's highest rates of TB and HIV infection. The current study assessed factors playing a role in the "limited but effective" implementation of provider-initiated HIV counseling in TB clinics the...