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Long-Term Treated HIV No Defense Against Diabetes Risk

Even in the modern treatment era, HIV-positive men who have sex with men are developing diabetes at an extremely high rate.

By Barbara Jungwirth

This Week in HIV Research: Our High Tally of Glucose Disorders

Long-term glucose disorders; anal vs. cervical HPV; PrEP adherence among U.S. veterans; economic incentives to spur HIV testing.

By Barbara Jungwirth and Myles Helfand

Better Blood Sugar Control in People With Diabetes After HCV Has Been Cured

Researchers found that people who were cured of hepatitis C virus underwent "significant improvement" in blood sugar levels and in many cases participants' doctors were able to reduce the dose of medicines used to help control blood sugar.

By Sean R. Hosein for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Weight Gain Poses Higher Diabetes Risk With HIV in U.S. Veterans Study

Researchers working with a U.S. veterans group conducted a study to see how weight gain affects diabetes risk in veterans with and without HIV infection.

By Mark Mascolini for The Center for AIDS Information & Advocacy

Increased Prevalence of Diabetes in HIV-Positive People

Diabetes mellitus occurs at an increased frequency in people with HIV infection and may develop at earlier stages than it does in the general population.

By Gareth Hardy for HIV i-Base

Diabetes Rate 3.8% Higher in People Living With HIV in National U.S. Comparison

Diabetes prevalence stood at 10.3% among HIV-positive adults in a nationally representative U.S. sample, which was 3.8% higher than in the general population.

By Mark Mascolini

Saturn -- Final Results of a Study on Rosuvastatin (Crestor)

Saturn study researchers found that, on average, study participants who took rosuvastatin had their levels of bad cholesterol (LDL-C) fall between 20% and 25%.

By Sean R. Hosein for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Can the Ratio of Triglycerides to Good Cholesterol Help Predict Diabetes?

Researchers in Italy have analyzed health-related information collected from HIV-positive people between 1997 and 2013, focusing on new cases of type 2 diabetes.

By Sean R. Hosein for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Three Non-AIDS Illnesses Tied to Cognitive Impairment in Men With HIV

Cardiovascular disease, impaired renal function and diabetes all predicted cognitive impairment or performance in HIV-positive men with an undetectable viral load in Amsterdam's AGEhIV cohort.

By Mark Mascolini

CROI 2016: A Good Year for Metabolics (Video)

Recent research comes from a switch study for tenofovir alafenamide (TAF), a new version of tenofovir, which showed a 2% improvement in bone density for those taking the new form of the drug.

By Barbara Jungwirth