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Metabolic Complications at the XVI International AIDS Conference: Part 2 -- Lipids

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Although there remains controversy regarding the degree to which HIV-infected people are at greater risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and whether it is HIV or highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) th...

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Body Fat Changes in People With HIV

David Wohl, M.D., talks with Todd Brown, M.D., about research Brown presented at AIDS 2006 regarding body fat changes in people with HIV. Dr. Brown is an assistant professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; his research focuses on met...

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Steroid Can Restore Body Tissue in HIV-Positive People, Study Says

The oral anabolic steroid oxandrolone is effective in restoring muscle and fat tissue that many HIV-positive people lose, according to a study published in the March issue of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, Reuters Health report...

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Interventions for Fat Changes: New Research on Glitazones, Metformin and Testosterone

The confusion surrounding the etiology and treatment of HIV-related metabolic complications has been maddening for both patients and their clinicians. Different studies -- typically small and powered for endpoints other than changes in body fat -- ha...

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Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Metabolic Complications in HIV-Infected Patients Receiving HAART

Introduction Cardiovascular Complications CVD Risk Assessment Managing CVD Risk ART Choices and Lipid Changes Treatment Switching Summary References


Metabolic and morphological changes, collectively referred to as lipod...

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An Interview With Robert Frascino, M.D. About Lipoatrophy


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Switching Due to Lipoatrophy: Tenofovir Bests Abacavir in Tolerability, Lipid Profile

Abacavir (ABC, Ziagen) or tenofovir (TDF, Viread): Which is a better bet when attempting to help alleviate the lipoatrophy experienced by patients who are taking stavudine (d4T, Zerit) or zidovudine (AZT, Retrovir)? The latest RAVE study results show...

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Benefit of Rosiglitazone or Metformin for Lipodystrophy Still Unclear

The use of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), despite its many benefits, has been associated with a number of long-term side effects, including changes in body fat distribution, insulin resistance and dyslipidemia. These remain ongoing com...

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Twice-Daily Massage Can Reduce Papule Formation Among HIV-Infected Patients Receiving Poly-L-Lactic Acid Injections

Lipoatrophy, the loss of subcutaneous fat in the face and extremities, is a common problem among people living with HIV. Common though it may be, however, the condition is often distressful and stigmatizing, and effective treatments are few and far b...

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Protease Inhibitors Not Associated With Fat Gain; Some Antiretrovirals Can Cause Fat Loss, Study Says

Although some antiretroviral drugs are associated with weight loss in the extremities in HIV-positive men, weight gain is not associated with taking protease inhibitors, according to a study published in the Oct. 1 issue of the Journal of Acquired Im...