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Medicare to Pay for "Fillers" in HIV Patients

On Tuesday, the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said Medicare will cover the cost of facial filling treatments for HIV patients with facial lipodystropy syndrome (LDS) who are also depressed.

CMS said a review of current data fou...

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Belly Fat Drug Debated Even Before FDA Approval

Drugs into bodies ... not as clearcut as it sounds.

Tesamorelin (expected to be called "Egrifta" if and when it is marketed and sold in the United States by the company EMD Serono) is an experimental drug that seeks to limit or reduce belly fat caus...

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The Skinny on Body Fat and HIV

Some people with HIV complain of weight and belly fat gain after they start HIV treatment. But researchers have not been able to determine what causes the problem. Some studies actually dispute that there is a problem, and say that people with HIV do...

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BMI -- Body Mass Index: About BMI for Adults

What is BMI? How is BMI used? Why does CDC use BMI to measure overweight and obesity? What are some of the other ways to measure obesity? Why doesn't CDC use those to determine overweight and obesity among the general public? How is BMI cal...

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Safety Concerns Prompt Label Changes and Medication Guide Requirement for Testosterone Gel Products

The Food and Drug Administration is requiring manufacturers of two prescription topical testosterone gel products, AndroGel 1% and Testim 1%, to include a boxed warning on the products' labels after receiving reports of adverse effects in children wh...

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Can Low-Dose Ritonavir Help Preserve Body Shape?

The widespread availability of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in high-income countries has greatly reduced deaths related to AIDS. HAART's benefits are so immense that researchers in these countries increasingly expect HIV positive peop...

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Lipodystrophy Conference Update

The 10th International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and Lipodystrophy in HIV took place in London from November 6-8, 2008. This annual conference is a much smaller, more intimate gathering where several hundred researchers and clinicians come t...

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Somatic Symptoms: Mental Health Approach and Differential Diagnosis

Table of Contents

Introduction 2. Screening for Somatic Symptoms 3. Assessment, Diagnosis and Management 4. Insomnia

1.  Assessment and Diagnosis
2.  [Management
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Connection Found Between Belly Fat and Dementia

A study reported in the journal, Neurology, finds a possible link between excess belly fat and the risk of dementia. While the research did not look specifically at people living with HIV, it raises specific concerns for them.

The researchers looked...

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Metabolic Complications of HIV Treatment

Audio With SlidesAudio Only (37 min., 34.4MB MP3)

Table of Contents

Introduction Case Study Questions & Answers


As our patients are surviving much longer with their HIV infection, we've been seeing a troubling series of body sha...