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France: Trends in Fat Wasting

Potent combination therapy for HIV infection, commonly called ART (antiretroviral therapy) or HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy), has saved and extended the lives of countless HIV-positive people. However, like all therapies, ART can have s...

Second Bioplasty Congress in Mexico: PMMA for Facial and Buttock Lipoatrophy Img

Second Bioplasty Congress in Mexico: PMMA for Facial and Buttock Lipoatrophy

Nelson Vergel,'s resident expert on nutrition and exercise, recently attended a major meeting of cosmetic and dermatology physicians from Latin America. In this recap, Vergel summarizes the information presented there regarding the use of...

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A Closer Look at Tesamorelin (Egrifta), a Newly Approved Treatment for HIV-Associated Lipohypertrophy


For years now, it has been clear that HIV-positive people are especially prone to developing unusual increases of fat in specific parts of their bodies. What has been less clear is exactly what a person with this type of fat gain, known as lipohyp...

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An HIV Physician's Perspective on the Approval of Egrifta (Tesamorelin)

This just in from the FDA:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Egrifta (tesamorelin) to treat HIV patients with lipodystrophy, a condition in which excess fat develops in different areas of the body, most notably around the liver,...

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FDA Approves Egrifta for Treatment of Lipodystrophy in People With HIV

On Nov. 10, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Egrifta (tesamorelin) for the reduction of excess visceral abdominal fat (belly fat) in HIV-positive people. Egrifta, the first FDA-approved treatment for lipodystrophy, is a synthetic ...

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Complications Reported in Some Recipients of Bio Alcamid

As mentioned in our previous CATIE News story, some older anti-HIV agents have been associated with lipoatrophy, specifically changes in the appearance of the face. Most anti-HIV drugs used today are not associated with this problem. However, for peo...

The Power of Advocacy Img

The Power of Advocacy

HIV journalist and treatment advocate Jeff Berry was one of several HIV/AIDS community members to speak at an FDA advisory committee meeting earlier this year, when the now-approved belly fat treatment Egrifta was still being debated. "Initially ... ...

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Raltegravir vs. Efavirenz: Focus on Lipodystrophy, Lipids and Other Changes

Abnormal levels of lipids -- cholesterol and triglycerides -- and blood sugar as well as unwelcome changes to body shape have occurred in some clinical trials, particularly trials of older anti-HIV drugs. To find out if raltegravir (Isentress) is ass...

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FDA Staff: Theratech Drug Works, but Risks Weighed

On Thursday, a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel will review the safety and efficacy of an experimental drug for reducing excess visceral abdominal fat in HIV/AIDS patients with lipodystrophy.

An estimated 200,000 to 800,000 HIV patients m...

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Surprising Changes in Body Fat With Darunavir Monotherapy

Exposure to the nukes d4T (stavudine, Zerit) and, to a lesser extent, AZT (zidovudine, Retrovir) can cause the loss of subcutaneous fat (the fatty layer just under the skin). The wasting away of this fatty layer is called lipoatrophy. This wasting of...