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Liquid Injectable Silicone Effective, Safe for Treating HIV Patients With Facial Lipoatrophy: Study Img

Liquid Injectable Silicone Effective, Safe for Treating HIV Patients With Facial Lipoatrophy: Study

Canadian researchers tested liquid injectable silicone because temporary filler treatments, which are not permanent, could result in high costs due to repeated applications.

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Theratechnologies Withdraw EU Application for Tesamorelin (Egrifta)

On 22 June 2012, Theratechnologies, the Canadian-based company responsible for developing tesamorelin, a growth hormone releasing factor (GHRF) that reduces central visceral fat, released a press release relating to regulatory issues.1

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High Prevalence of d4T-Associated Lipodystrophy Including Lipoatrophy in Children

Data describing lipodystrophy in children from sub-Saharan Africa are extremely limited. However use of d4T is widespread among children receiving ART in the region: in 2008 to 2009 approximately 90% of children on ART were taking d4T.

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Drug Watch: Tesamorelin Update

Table of Contents

Introduction Fat and VAT Shrinking VAT With Growth Hormone Tesamorelin in the Pipeline Further Questions What's Next? Selected Sources


Since it first became available in the mid-1990s, highly active antir...

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Tesamorelin Approved for Lipodystrophy

In November, the FDA approved tesamorelin (Egrifta; formerly known as TH9507) for treatment of a type of lipodystrophy in HIV positive people taking antiretroviral therapy. Tesamorelin is a synthetic growth hormone-releasing factor that stimulates th...

Facial Lipoatrophy Treatments: Help Us Remove Barriers to Access Img

Facial Lipoatrophy Treatments: Help Us Remove Barriers to Access

The good news: Medicare now covers facial filler treatments for HIVers with lipoatrophy. The bad news: Because Medicare doesn't reimburse doctors enough to provide the service, "access to these products has gotten worse, not better" since the Medicar...

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Lower Limb Fat, Higher Belly Fat Associated With Mortality in People With HIV; BMI Measurements Questioned

The following is our transcript of a press conference that took place on March 1 at CROI 2011. In it, Rebecca Scherzer, Ph.D., summarized the findings of a study she was presenting at the conference entitled, "Decreased Limb Muscle and Increased Cent...

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What Lies Ahead: An Activist's View of Promising HIV Treatment Research -- A Blog Entry by Nelson Vergel, B.S.Ch.E., M.B.A.

"We live in parallel worlds rife with contradictions," writes Nelson Vergel. "As we fear more and more budget cuts; AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) problems; slow, or lack of, global access to HIV medications; and other concerns that keep popping...

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Egrifta Patient Support Information Now Available

In a letter to community advocates late last week, EMD Serono released details about their patient support, patient assistance, and drug co-pay programs for Egrifta (tesamorelin). Egrifta is an injectable medication used in the treatment of lipohyper...

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Argentina: Lumpy Body Fat Compounds Stigma of AIDS

For Argentine HIV/AIDS patients, lipodystrophy is a visual sign of an already stigmatized disease. The redistribution of body fat, a common side effect of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs), is generally played down by health professionals but can be one of...