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No Man Is an Island: Hepatitis C in Rural Southern Indiana, Part 2 Img

No Man Is an Island: Hepatitis C in Rural Southern Indiana, Part 2

"Jail and prison officials often say the high cost of HCV management and treatment forces them to create guidelines so those with the greatest degree disease progression get care first," Matthew Zielske writes. "Such actions lead to rationing which r...

Study Shows Denying State Prisoners Costly Hepatitis C Treatment Fuels Epidemic Img

Study Shows Denying State Prisoners Costly Hepatitis C Treatment Fuels Epidemic

A study of state departments of correction concludes that prisoners are not receiving vital hepatitis C treatment due to extremely high drug costs.

Behind the Walls Img

Behind the Walls

Life in prison can be difficult enough as it is. But life in prison with HIV? "Being HIV positive in prison comes with its own challenges -- ones never faced by people with HIV outside prison or by prisoners who are HIV negative," David McLay and Ann...

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New York: Denial of Prisoner's Hepatitis Treatment "Cruel and Unusual," Court Says

A recent ruling by a New York panel of judges said prison officials' denial of medical treatment for a Sing Sing inmate with hepatitis C amounted to "cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth Amendment." Four judges of the state Supreme...

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So Your Facility Has CA-MRSA

Introduction Treatment Eradication of Carriage Infection Control Measures Conclusion


Staphylococcus aureus (SA) is a bacterium commonly found on the skin or anterior nares in the nose of healthy individuals. Although SA often...

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New York: Hepatitis C Treatment Rules for Inmates Continue to Draw Criticism

New York state's refusal to treat hepatitis C-infected inmates serving short sentences does not jeopardize their chances of ultimately beating the virus, the prison system's top doctor told skeptical state Assembly committee chairs Tuesday. "We just ...

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Ask the Expert: Case Study -- Newly Admitted Patient With a Penile Lesion


A 27-year-old male presents to the prison infirmary with penile pain. He reports having had the pain for the past three days, ever since accidentally catching part of the skin of his penis in his pants zipper. The patient reports previous good ...

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UNAIDS Report Focuses on HIV, TB in Prisons

A UNAIDS "Best Practice" report noted that prisons are ideal environments for HIV transmission, since they are often overcrowded, filled with violence, tension, and fear, and boring. "Release from these tensions, and from the boredom of prison life, ...

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Pennsylvania Prison System to Cut Number of Inmates Receiving Treatment for Hepatitis C

Pennsylvania prisons this fall will treat about 75% fewer inmates for hepatitis C than they currently treat but will provide more targeted care for hepatitis C patients who are most likely to benefit from treatment, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports....

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A Correctional Perspective on SARS

The sudden global emergence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) has sickened over 8,000 individuals, crippled health care delivery, and has had a devastating impact on the economy. The causative agent, a novel Coronavirus, is not previously k...