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Gay Men Who Use Crystal Meth Need Integrated Care

"[I]ntegrating sexual health services and substance use care for gay and queer men who use meth can work."

By Rod Knight for The Conversation

Why Nurses Should Take the HIV Self-Test

People newly diagnosed with HIV must be able to access treatment and support, which could be improved if guided by people who have been taken the test themselves, researchers found.

By Amanda Lee and Mark Hayter for The Conversation

Not All People Are Equally Vulnerable to Hepatitis C -- New Study

Reseearchers have discovered that very rare interferons, only found in hunter-gatherers from central Africa, are far better able to inhibit HCV infection.

By Connor Bamford and John McLauchlan for The Conversation

AIDS Treatment Has Progressed, but Without a Vaccine, Suffering Still Abounds

"The fight against AIDS is at a tipping point," Maureen Miller writes. "Increasingly, there are signs that we may be heading in the wrong direction."

By Maureen Miller for The Conversation

Liver Transplant From HIV+ Living Donor to Negative Recipient: The Unanswered Questions

"The operation, and subsequent events, have put us on the cusp of new insights and understanding about HIV and its transmission," Caroline T. Tiemessen writes.

By Caroline T. Tiemessen for The Conversation

World's First Gene-Edited Babies? Premature, Dangerous and Irresponsible

A Chinese scientist claims to have edited human DNA to make us more resistant to HIV. Here's why that's not good news.

By Joyce Harper for The Conversation

Aspirin Could Help Reduce HIV Infections in Women

"We are not yet at the stage where aspirin can be recommended for preventing HIV, but the potential for another tool in our belt against a virus that has killed 35 million people (almost the population of Canada), can only be good news."

By Colin Graydon and Monika Kowatsch for The Conversation

How Innovation Can Help End the AIDS Epidemic by 2030

"A new approach is being piloted. The idea is to test if point-of-care viral load monitoring is in reach."

By Glenda Gray for The Conversation

Liver Transplant From HIV-Positive Living Donor to Negative Recipient: Key Ethical Issues

As a last resort, doctors in South Africa have tranplanted part of an HIV-positive woman's liver into her HIV-negative child.

By Harriet Etheredge, Jean Botha and June Fabian for The Conversation

The Thrill of Curing Hepatitis C and the Pain of Watching the Disease Surge With Opioid Abuse

The number of new hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus infections in the U.S. has been decreasing for many years, but this trend has been reversed during recent years due to the opioid epidemic as more people use injection drugs, share needles or ...

By Anna Suk-Fong Lok for The Conversation