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Dapivirine Study Reveals Best Path Forward for Future HIV Microbicide Research

Dapivirine does not appear to be affected by a woman's vaginal microbiome composition when administered as a vaginal gel or film.

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Swaziland Dramatically Reduces HIV Incidence Through Test-and-Treat Programs

Swaziland has dramatically reduced the number of new HIV infections while simultaneously getting a substantial portion of the HIV-positive population on treatment.

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Scientists Hone in on the Best Way to Expose HIV Hidden in the Viral Reservoir, a Crucial Step Toward an Eventual Cure

Researchers at the University of North Carolina identified a better dosing strategy for a drug that exposes HIV hiding inside the body's viral reservoir, according to a new study.

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TelePrEP: Sidestepping Stigma in Rural America

With a TelePrEP program, any patient with a phone or computer would be able to get a prescription for PrEP after a Skype-like consultation with a provider, rather than an in-person visit to a clinic.

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What Will It Take to Eliminate HCV in the U.S.? The WHO Global Hepatitis Report Puts It Into the Global Context

According to the WHO's first-ever Global Hepatitis Report, approximately 1.75 million people were infected with hepatitis C in 2015, bringing the total number to 71 million. What can the US and other countries do to bring these numbers down?

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Addressing Hepatitis C Treatment Barriers Among HCV/HIV-Coinfected Patients

To help clinicians and patients navigate the challenges of HIV/HCV coinfection, AETC NCRC released an infographic that addresses the most common barriers preventing HIV-positive people from curing their HCV infection.

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Inflammation Associated With Pre-Treatment Viral Load in People With HIV

A new study published in PLOS Pathogens reveals that a person's viral load prior to starting antiretroviral therapy directly determines his or her level of inflammation later in life.

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The Power of Positive Thinking Could Help Lower Viral Load

The power of positive thinking might extend well beyond emotional well-being to include physical benefits such as lower viral load in people with HIV.

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Ask the Experts: Managing Multiple Conditions

A doctor, a pharmacist and a person who juggles multiple conditions reflect on the challenges and offer their best advice.

By Sony Salzman for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Designing HIV Prevention Programs With Latino Community Input Improves Public Health

"We really do focus on what it's like to be born male in the Latino community and the stresses that puts on people, both on men who engage in same sex behavior as well as transgender women," explains Scott D. Rhodes, Ph.D.

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