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Following the HIV Primary Care Guidelines: A Walk-Through Img

Following the HIV Primary Care Guidelines: A Walk-Through

To provide a better sense of how to provide primary care for patients living with HIV, here's a walk-through of the HIVMA/IDSA Primary Care Guidelines.

A Look at HIV Treatment Guidelines Around the World Img

A Look at HIV Treatment Guidelines Around the World

Treatment guidelines can vary depending on what part of the world you live in. Treatment activist Rob Camp provides a walk-through on some of the key differences to help clear up any confusion.

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2007 Antiretrovirals in Development Pipeline

NRTIs, NNRTIs and Protease Inhibitors Entry Inhibitors, Integrase Inhibitors, Maturation Inhibitors and Other Drugs

NRTIs, NNRTIs and Protease InhibitorsPhase of DevelopmentNRTINNRTIPIPreclinicalBPH-218, bis-phosphonate NRTI, U PittsburghC-8 sub...

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Little Leap: Gilead 2-in-1 Opens Door to Impending One-Pill Triple Combo

GSK's, a Sort of Snoozer

In early August the FDA announced the approvals of two fixed-dose combination (FDC) antiretroviral drug products. FDCs are combinations of two previously approved drugs (à la the Combivir or Trizivir model) in what is unders...

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Drug Monitoring and Pharmacology: More Mixes Nixed By Concentration Preoccupations

Statin StrengthRelative Potency of the HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors (a.k.a. Statins)DrugDaily DoseRelative PotencyFluvastatin (Lescol)60 mg1Pravastatin (Pravachol)60 mg2Lovastatin (Mevacor)20 mg3Simvastatin (Zocor)10 mg6Atorvastat...

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Tipranavir Pharmacokinetics May Confine Its Use to Limited Rescue Role

Penned in by PK What Is a Salvage Drug? A Look at BI's "51" Study BI "51" Safety and PK Analyses What Is a Salvage Drug? Does Tipranavir Fit the Bill? Is It Time for Expanded Access? TPV/r and Atorvastatin or Antacids TMC114/r and Foo...

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Where's My Pipeline? Vicissitudes of Medicine and Marketing Take Toll on Me-Too Lineup

B-I the New Salvage Outfit? Nukes Non-Nukes Protease Inhibitors To the Nines: The Parade of Me-Toos

B-I the New Salvage Outfit?

Pipelines are almost as delicate and fragile as the ecosystems they go trampling through, writes TAG's Antivir...

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Seven (Minus 4, Plus 3) Agents to Fix Your Gaze On

Last year's pipeline report was warm, starry eyed and exuberant. How wrong can one guy be? Blow 1: The close of the year 2003 saw the "on-hold"-ing of SCH-C, the entry inhibitor that was moribund before the ink on the articles describing it was even ...

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Position Paper on Atazanavir (BMS-232623, Reyataz)

Introduction Overview This paper will discuss the following issues: Executive Summary Follow-Up Studies That Need to Be Done Pre-Clinical Data Pharmacokinetics & Dosing The Inhibitory Quotient Side Effects ...

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FTC Has Been Approved: What Now?

A Co-Formulation Elation?

Earlier this month, the fluoronated 3TC agent, FTC (emtricitabine, Emtriva) received FDA approval for the treatment of HIV in adults. The latest once-daily nuke on the block (now that Gilead has acquired the drug from Trian...