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Lipodystrophy/Body Fat

Drug Watch: Tesamorelin Update

Table of Contents

Introduction Fat and VAT Shrinking VAT With Growth Hormone Tesamorelin in the Pipeline Further Questions What's Next? Selected Sources


Since it first became available in the mid-1990s, highly active antir...

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Is HIV Treatment HIV Prevention?

Is HIV Treatment HIV Prevention? "All of us need to get over this distinction between prevention and treatment -- that somehow there are two different agendas that compete here. It could not be clearer that prevention of HIV transmission is the found...

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Older Adults (Ages 50+)

Aging and HIV: A Conversation with Dr. Malcolm John

Thanks to years of HIV health advocacy, better understanding of HIV disease and its complications, and improved antiretroviral treatment regimens, people with HIV now are better able to maintain their health and live longer -- perhaps even decades lo...

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Drug Watch: Next-Generation NNRTIs: Etravirine and Rilpivirine

Why Do We Need More NNRTIs? Leading the Next Generation: Etravirine and Rilpivirine Etravirine: The DUET Studies Rilpivirine Implications for Treatment Selected Sources

Even in patients with the most resistant virus, our goal now is full...