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First Positive Results From Large-Scale HIV Vaccine Trial

Results from an AIDS vaccine trial known as RV144 involving more than 16,000 participants from Thailand show that a prime-boost regimen of two genetically engineered vaccine candidates demonstrated marginal but statistically significant protection ag...

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Understanding the Conundrum of Immune Activation in HIV/AIDS

In most circumstances, the body's deployment of the immune system (both the innate and adaptive arms) allows it to conquer an invading pathogen (see VAX July 2008 Special Issue, Understanding the Immune System and AIDS Vaccine Strategies). But HIV is...

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Understanding Innate Immunity and HIV

Humans are repeatedly exposed to various pathogens, including viruses and bacteria. The body defends itself against these pathogens using a complex network of cells, tissues, and organs, which together form the human immune system (see VAX July 2008 ...