Since 1990, Positively Aware has been the most trusted source of HIV treatment news. It is the only HIV/AIDS treatment journal published by a 501(c)3 not-for-profit AIDS service organization (ASO)—Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN) in Chicago.

Positively Aware provides accurate, up-to-date treatment information for people living with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers. It covers, in detail, all of the most important medical conferences—CROI, ICAAC, and the International AIDS Conference. The magazine serves as an educational tool for many HIV caregivers and helps to provide their clients with the best treatment information available. And Positively Aware is read by influential HIV researchers and policy makers.

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Prison Health Is Public Health: The Case for Testing and Treating Hepatitis C in Prisons

It is estimated that one-third of Americans with hepatitis C pass through the criminal justice system each year.

By Andrew Reynolds for Positively Aware

Strategies for a Cure

Three researchers talk about ongoing HIV cure research within the AIDS Clinical Trials Group, treatment interruptions, and when we might see a cure.

By Karine Dubé and Jeff Berry for Positively Aware

The Future of HIV Therapy

New strategies are here, more are on the way, and the future of ART remains bright, according to W. David Hardy, M.D.

By W. David Hardy, M.D. for Positively Aware

HIV Cure: Squaring What's Medically Possible With Public Expectations

A large survey conducted among people living with HIV in the U.S. asked the question: "What does a 'cure for HIV' mean to you?"

By David Evans, Jeff Taylor, Michael Louella, Karine Dubé, Laurie Sylla, Lynda Dee and Stuart Luter for Positively Aware


CDC guidelines for serodifferent couples trying to conceive have been updated, but provider education is still needed.

By Emily S. Miller, M.D., M.P.H. for Positively Aware

Bringing HIV Cure Research Into the Real World

For advocates, social science is an important component of effective cure research, one that is often undervalued.

By Josh Tager for Positively Aware

Gene Therapy in HIV Cure Research

There is a great deal of interest in exploring the potential of gene therapy to cure HIV and multiple gene therapy strategies are under investigation.

By Richard Jefferys for Positively Aware

Enhancing Immunity: Manipulating the Immune System to Tackle HIV

In the search for a cure, multiple clinical trials are investigating whether immune-based approaches can deliver the "kill" in "kick and kill."

By Richard Jefferys for Positively Aware

Latent Tendencies: New Strategies Target Dormant HIV

A major focus of HIV cure research is on reversing HIV latency -- essentially switching on the latent virus's DNA machinery so that it starts making proteins.

By Richard Jefferys for Positively Aware

Measuring the HIV Reservoir: Current Tests for Sizing Up Viral Hideouts

There are a variety of technologies available to accurately quantify the latent HIV reservoir, but each has pros and cons.

By Richard Jefferys for Positively Aware