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Are Integrase Inhibitors Linked to Weight Gain? An Evidence Review

Integrase inhibitors are associated with greater increases in body weight than other antiretrovirals, especially among women and black people. But it's unclear whether these changes are clinically significant.

By Polly Clayden for HIV i-Base

Dolutegravir Preconception Signal: Time Is Up for Shoddy Surveillance

"It is hard to imagine how in 2018 we could be in this situation where women with HIV are being so woefully underserved," Polly Clayden writes.

By Polly Clayden for HIV i-Base

Dolutegravir: Need to Consider All Pros and Cons Before Switching in Pregnancy

A recent case study illustrates the complexity of managing women in early stages of pregnancy presenting on a dolutegravir-based regimen, and the need for careful consideration when responding to new data.

By Polly Clayden for HIV i-Base

Efavirenz Side Effects and Other Drug-Drug Interactions Are Common in Ugandan Cohort

Drug-drug interactions and side effects, associated with currently-used first-line antiretroviral therapy, are under-reported and managed in Uganda.

By Polly Clayden for HIV i-Base

Efavirenz Might Decrease Effectiveness of the Vaginal Contraceptive Ring

Efavirenz (Sustiva, Stocrin) alters hormone exposure from the vaginal ring in HIV positive women, similar or greater to that previously reported with oral hormonal contraceptives.

By Polly Clayden for HIV i-Base

Twice-Daily Dolutegravir Is Effective and Tolerable With Rifampicin

24-week interim results from the INSPIRING study presented at CROI 2018 show that dolutegravir 50 mg twice daily is effective and well-tolerated in adults with HIV/TB receiving rifampicin-based TB treatment.

By Polly Clayden for HIV i-Base

Once-Daily Tenofovir Alafenamide Appears Sufficient When Dosed With Rifampicin

A review of the effect of rifampin on tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) plasma/intracellular pharmacokinetics presented at CROI 2018.

By Polly Clayden for HIV i-Base

Significant Drug-Drug Interaction Between Dolutegravir and Isoniazid-Rifapentine

Dolutegravir (Tivicay) given with once-weekly isoniazid-rifapentine led to marked cytokine release and serious adverse events in a drug-drug interaction study.

By Polly Clayden for HIV i-Base

2017: A Year in Review -- Great News and Why We Still Fight

Steady advances reported in HIV i-Base's HIV Treatment Bulletin in 2017 were broadly categorized as great news. These are important given the political change and uncertainty over the year.

By Polly Clayden and Simon Collins for HIV i-Base

Studies on Dolutegravir and Sleep, Cardiovascular and CNS Side Effects, and Risk of IRIS

Meta-analysis of randomized trials presented at EACS 2017 found a slightly higher risk of insomnia for dolutegravir compared with other antiretrovirals, but no difference for other CNS side effects.

By Polly Clayden for HIV i-Base