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This Week in HIV Research: Key Measures of Success Lag in the U.S. South

Lower CD4, higher viral load in the U.S. South; HIV testing among U.S. heterosexuals; heightened seroconversion risk around childbirth; predicting success for long-acting, injectable PrEP.

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This Week in HIV Research: Not-So-Routine Testing

Missed chances for HIV testing; depressive symptoms associated with detectable HIV viral load; perceived HIV discrimination declines overall; zoledronic acid beats TDF switching for bone mass improvement.

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This Week in HIV Research: Missed Opportunities to Close the Gap

Missed opportunities to prescribe PrEP to at-risk people; long-term viral suppression reduces cancer risk; sexual health clinics and linkage to care; neurocognitive benefits of low-dose hydrocortisone therapy for women.

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Colds and Influenza

This Week in HIV Research: Self-Testing Passes a Big Test

HIV self-testing vs. professional HIV testing; the most effective influenza vaccine strategies for people with HIV; how age can affect flu vaccine efficacy; early HIV treatment and CD4:CD8 ratio normalization.

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Is the World Ready for Long-Acting HIV Treatment?

How can science improve on its own miracle? This is the conundrum at the heart of an ongoing conversation in HIV medicine over the future of long-acting antiretroviral therapy, or LA-ART. The promise of LA-ART lies in the freedom it can potentially offe...

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This Week in HIV Research: Monday, Wednesday, Treatment Days

Happy days for thrice-weekly dosing; shortfalls in chronic opioid therapy monitoring; neurocognition, treatment initiation, and high CD4; the link between influenza virus shedding and CD4 count.

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People Who Use Drugs

This Week in HIV Research: Where Support Is Lacking, the Virus Can Spread

Housing, social support, and HIV transmissibility among people who use drugs; concerning hepatitis C incidence trends in France; frailty among people aging with HIV; untreated HIV and brain atrophy.

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Sexually Transmitted Infections

This Week in HIV Research: The Syphilis Surge

The rising tide of syphilis among Americans with HIV; first-line treatment with D/C/F/TAF; peculiar findings on cancer treatment rates; poor flu vaccine response among older people.

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Little Promise of Anal Protection From Adult HPV Vaccination

HPV vaccination and anal (vs. oral) HPV infection; single-tablet E/C/F/TDF vs. HIV-2; an HIV-positive infant’s “founder” virus; male circumcision and antiretroviral scale-up in Kenya.

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Hepatitis C

This Week in HIV Research: Heavier Health Burdens Begin Before Diagnosis

Prevalence of non-AIDS comorbidities prior to HIV diagnosis; wealth and HIV treatment access amidst universal health care; the uncertain benefits of food supplementation; the results of universal hepatitis C treatment access.