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Sexually Transmitted Infections

This Week in HIV Research: The Syphilis Surge

The rising tide of syphilis among Americans with HIV; first-line treatment with D/C/F/TAF; peculiar findings on cancer treatment rates; poor flu vaccine response among older people.

Little Promise of Anal Protection From Adult HPV Vaccination

HPV vaccination and anal (vs. oral) HPV infection; single-tablet E/C/F/TDF vs. HIV-2; an HIV-positive infant’s “founder” virus; male circumcision and antiretroviral scale-up in Kenya.

Hepatitis C

This Week in HIV Research: Heavier Health Burdens Begin Before Diagnosis

Prevalence of non-AIDS comorbidities prior to HIV diagnosis; wealth and HIV treatment access amidst universal health care; the uncertain benefits of food supplementation; the results of universal hepatitis C treatment access.

People Who Use Drugs

This Week in HIV Research: The Ubiquity, and Diversity, of Substance Use

Substance use rates among people with HIV; the continuing risk of PML; tenofovir gel efficacy and menopause; the cumulative cost of the global fight against HIV.


This Week in HIV Research: Vitamin D for CD4? Eh.

The effect of vitamin D levels on CD4 count during HIV treatment; helping black men who have sex with men utilize PrEP; HIV and aortic stiffness; Legionnaires’ disease severity among people with HIV.


This Week in HIV Research: How Discrimination Feeds Cigarette Use

Tobacco use and HIV discrimination; enhancing viral suppression after prison with naltrexone; asymptomatic myocardial impairment during acute HIV infection; undetectability and yellow fever vaccine efficacy.

This Week in HIV Research: Butt Wait, There's More

HIV in plasma vs. rectal mucosa; engagement in care while on PrEP; depression and outcomes among women with HIV; dolutegravir resistance in the wake of monotherapy.

This Week in HIV Research: Erectile Dysfunction in the Modern Age

Reductions in erectile function among men who have sex with men; Australia, San Francisco, and 90-90-90 “fast track” targets; hepatitis C infection and HIV risk; safety of the live herpes zoster vaccine.


This Week in HIV Research: Stroke Risk in Less-Studied Populations

Stroke risk among underrepresented populations; the realism of UNAIDS 90-90-90 goals; HIV persistence and inflammation amidst long-term suppression; HDL cholesterol as a predictor of immune recovery.

Men Who Have Sex With Men

This Week in HIV Research: An Outbreak in West Virginia

How West Virginia is responding; a text-message based continuum-of-care intervention; PrEP and risk compensation; a link between inflammation, frailty, and cytomegalovirus infection.