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This Week in HIV Research: Food, It Does a Body Good

How food insecurity feeds inflammation; racial disparities in HPV16 prevalence; how HIV meds affect pre-existing neurocognitive impairment; central nervous system inflammation in the setting of HIV treatment success.

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This Week in HIV Research: Pain, Opioids, and Viral Suppression

Why not all opioid prescriptions are unwise; racial, gender, age, and risk group disparities in HIV care; prophylactic antibiotic use rises among MSM on PrEP; navigating ambiguous HIV test results among PrEP users.

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News Analysis

This Week in HIV Research: How Antiretrovirals May Affect Birth

The effect of specific regimens on some birth-related events; obstacles to PrEP among U.S. women; improving mortality and treatment success for HIV-positive people who inject drugs; kidney disease and “old” tenofovir.

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This Week in HIV Research: Matters of the Mind

Anticholinergics and cognitive performance; gender, physical activity, and cognitive decline; how peer networks can boost HIV self-testing among MSM of color; what HIV care providers don’t know about the Affordable Care Act.

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This Week in HIV Research: Where Are the Cervical Cancer Screens?

Poor rates of cervical cancer screening for women of color; interest vs. action among potential organ donors; an online depression intervention; Truvada levels in men’s vs. women’s hair.

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This Week in HIV Research: Gendered Nuances in Care and Complications

Alcohol use worsens HIV care outcomes; sex-based differences in cognitive performance seen; higher cardiovascular risk among trans women; glycemic status related to cognitive function.

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This Week in HIV Research: Treatment Does a Body Good

Early treatment reduces health risks; on-demand PrEP more popular than daily pill among French MSM; long-acting injectable PrEP preferred over daily pill in Swaziland; HIV-positive MSM aren’t testing for syphilis enough.

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This Week in HIV Research: Another Notch in the 'Treatment as Prevention' Belt

“Opposites Attract” study piles on more data backing U=U; mixed results on enhanced HIV interventions among African sex workers; the tipping point for re-engagement in HIV care; thyroid function in the modern treatment era.

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This Week in HIV Research: Mitigating an ICE-y Reception

HIV ramifications of the Trump administration’s anti-immigration efforts; HIV in plasma vs. rectal tissue; how HCV treatment affects HIV/HCV coinfection; HPV vaccination efficacy among women with HIV.

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This Week in HIV Research: A Yawning Racial Gap in U.S. Testing

HIV testing disparities among black MSM in the Southern U.S.; reasons for non-adherence in a vaginal HIV prevention ring trial; the importance of PrEP despite successful HIV treatment; inaccurate antiretroviral usage rates in Africa.