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This Week in HIV Research: How Low (an Atripla Dose) Can You Go?

Atripla may be just as effective when taken every other day; poor antiretroviral prescription fill rates after hospitalization; U.S. progress against UNAIDS targets; hepatitis C transmission clustering in France.

The Only Cases of HIV Cure or Remission

Over the past few years, a tiny – but slowly growing – number of people appeared to have had active, living, reproducing HIV completely eliminated from their bodies.


This Week in HIV Research: The Clinical Impacts of HIV Stigma

Internalized HIV stigma, depression, and adherence in women; what “internalized HIV stigma” actually means; tenofovir-containing gel and genital herpes prevention; the neurocognitive effects of cerebrospinal HIV escape.


This Week in HIV Research: The Science of Risk

Traditional factors vs. HIV-specific factors in non-communicable complications; frailty and fracture risk among women; lipid measurements and coronary risks; new data on efavirenz and birth defects.


This Week in HIV Research: Rethinking PrEP Guidelines

Alternate PrEP guideline recommendations; partner notification and onward HIV transmission; shifting causes of death among HIV/HCV-coinfected people; correlates of lower adherence among people on methadone maintenance.


This Week in HIV Research: Don't Assume PrEP Use Increases STI Rates

New for the week ending March 15: Study of young black MSM finds no link between PrEP uptake and STI incidence; HIV risk scores and PrEP usage; impact of youth-tailored HIV services; long-acting antiretroviral interest among younger people with HIV.


This Week in HIV Research: The Power of 10,000 Steps

Cardiorespiratory fitness and inflammation among sedentary people with HIV; helping patients increase physical activity; transwomen and metabolic syndrome; failed treatment of precancerous cervical lesions.


This Week in HIV Research: Check Your Frailty

The link between frailty and chronic disease development; Atripla’s long-term efficacy; the dangers of restrictive eligibility criteria for hepatitis C treatment; nicotine metabolism rates in people living with HIV.


This Week in HIV Research: Renal Upsides for Tenofovir Alafenamide

E/C/F/TAF viability for dialysis patients; TAF safety following renal damage; mental health needs for American Indians; parenting desires of people with HIV.


This Week in HIV Research: Do We Need New Statin Guidelines?

Cholesterol guidelines may underestimate statin value; shifting from Ryan White CARE Act to Affordable Care Act coverage; HCV seroconversion and CD4 count suppression; HCV reinfection odds by risk group.