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Activist Carmarion Anderson, NMAC director Paul Kawata, and activists Octavia Lewis, Bre Campbell, and Francesca Schumann
USCA (U.S. Conference on AIDS)

USCA Plenary Halted by Trans Activists

Five trans protesters disrupted a plenary session at the U.S. Conference on AIDS to share their deeply personal stories about fighting for acceptance within the HIV community.

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Conference Coverage

My Fabulous Disease Heads to AIDS 2016 in Durban

Mark S. King is at it again, bringing us the colorful sights, sounds, and amazing people that make up the international AIDS conference. Catch his videos here throughout AIDS2016, taking place in Durban, South Africa.

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Conference Coverage

AIDS 2010 for Dummies: An Entertaining Review

If you require a clinical overview of AIDS 2010 in Vienna, or a review of the scientific data presented, boy are you reading the wrong blog. Please check out those articles on,, or the AIDS 2010 organization itself.

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The Man That AIDS Forgot: Safe Sex Architect Richard Berkowitz

The New York City of 1979 shown during the opening minutes of "Sex Positive," the documentary now available on DVD, is awash in gay sexual liberation. Male couples strut their stuff arm in arm, sporting biker jackets and cocky mustaches and bulges in...