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ART Reduces HIV Reservoirs in Elite Controllers: Implications for Cure Research Img

ART Reduces HIV Reservoirs in Elite Controllers: Implications for Cure Research

We continue to learn more about a select group of people who appear able to control HIV "on their own," without needing to take HIV medications.

By Matt Sharp for HIV i-Base
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Hepatitis C

Guide to Clinical Trials for People With Hepatitis C

There are many new hepatitis C drugs being studied in clinical trials. People with hepatitis C have many options to choose from. Whether you have hepatitis C or another medical condition, deciding to participate in a clinical trial can be complicated...

By Tracy Swan, presented at HEP DART 2009 and Matt Sharp for Treatment Action Group
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Personal Perspective: Double Stigma

Personal Perspective: Double StigmaI have fond memories of my July birthdays as a kid. Those hot Texas summer days were spent leisurely in my grandparents' backyard making homemade ice cream beside the plum tree weighted down with fruit. Now that I h...

By Matt Sharp for ACRIA and GMHC
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Conference Coverage

Everything Antiretroviral: 5th IAS Conference, Cape Town, South Africa

Despite any significant breakthroughs, the 5th International AIDS Society conference in Cape Town, South Africa, July 19-22, 2009 provided a critical opportunity for contemplation and discussion for the future of antiretroviral drugs for treatment, p...

By Matt Sharp for Project Inform
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Older Adults (Ages 50+)

You're Not Getting Any Younger

You're Not Getting Any YoungerTurning 50 two years ago was not an easy birthday, yet it was, in a way, as transformative as it can be for anyone, HIV-positive or -negative. I thought that, due to the fact that I am a 20-year survivor of HIV, reaching...

By Matt Sharp for Positively Aware
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Update on New Antiretroviral Drugs

Harold Kessler

Harold Kessler, M.D., is a professor of Medicine, Immunology/Microbiology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, where he has an HIV practice, and is a supervising clinician at the CORE Center, a joint venture between Cook Coun...

By Matt Sharp for Positively Aware
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Salvage Therapy II Think Tank: The Future of Salvage Therapy: Monitoring Systems for Patient Outcomes

A personal take on Panel 3. Discussion leader: Douglas Ward.

In looking to the future of salvage therapy, consideration must be given to what treatment strategies will work best, what the salvage population will look like, what types of patients w...

By Matt Sharp for The Center for AIDS Information & Advocacy
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A Different Class: New HIV Therapies on the Horizon

There is good news on the horizon for people needing new options for HIV therapy. At the 10th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections held in Boston in February, a bumper crop of new therapies was presented. Many of the drugs are from...

By Matt Sharp for Positively Aware
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Lipodystrophy/Body Fat

Metabolic Complications Associated With HIV Disease

Also see parts one, two and four.

HIV treatment has shown remarkable results starting in 1995 by lowering the death rate, decreasing hospitalizations and lengthening people's lives. But around 1997, following the respite from the years of AIDS despa...

By Matt Sharp for Positively Aware
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News Analysis

Fuzeon Brand Enfuvirtide (T-20): Breaking Barriers or Breaking the Bank?

Introduction Overview of Issues The Community Demands Commitment to Informed Access Post-Marketing Research Data Summary References


Research and advocacy have brought forth 16 approved antiviral medications targeting two di...

By Matt Sharp and Rob Camp for Treatment Action Group