Mathew Rodriguez

Associate Editor

Mathew Rodriguez is the associate editor of TheBody/TheBodyPro. He is a an award-winning queer Latinx journalist and essayist whose work has been featured in Mic, Out, Slate, POZ, and The Village Voice. He also teaches writing at the University of California-Los Angeles.

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Revisiting Memorable Moments From AIDS 2014

Did you miss any of the most noteworthy moments from the largest HIV/AIDS conference of the year? We have them all recapped here for you.

By Mathew Rodriguez

Key Issues Affecting the Care of HIV-Positive Adolescents

"When you give a diagnosis of HIV positive to a youth, not only are you giving them difficult news, which they may or may not be developmentally equipped to deal with, but they frequently have other variables in their life that make it more difficult...

By Mathew Rodriguez

The Viral Divide and the HIV Prevention Landscape

Inside the "viral divide," an invisible chasm between those who are HIV negative and those who are HIV positive are concerns about priorities, resources, sexuality and what it means to be a community, explains Rodriguez.

By Mathew Rodriguez

International Activists Confront Gilead Over Hepatitis C Drug Pricing at AIDS 2014

An international group of treatment activists interrupted a session at AIDS 2014 just as Gregg H. Alton, a top official at Gilead Sciences, was about to speak regarding the challenges of expanding global access to the new generation of hepatitis C dr...

By Mathew Rodriguez

When Science Meets HIV Prevention, Pleasure Cannot Be Left Behind

Sexual decision-making includes the rational -- scientific data about how to reduce the risk of HIV transmission -- but also desire and pleasure. At AIDS 2014, an august panel discussed the pleasure principles that should be a part of prevention meth...

By Mathew Rodriguez

Addressing the Sexual Health and HIV Prevention Needs of Same-Sex Attracted Transgender Men

The session took on common myths about trans MSM -- often left out of conversations, care and research -- and called for respectful and safe access to testing, information, research and care.

By Mathew Rodriguez

New HIV Cases Rise Sharply Among Gay Men in Poland

Why has there been a 13.5 fold increase in HIV infections in Poland -- a 40-fold increase in the capital region -- in the past decade?

By Mathew Rodriguez

Managing Risk Among Black Bisexual Men

How do you discuss safer sex with black men who do not identify as gay, but engage in sex with men and also have sexual relationships with women?

By Mathew Rodriguez

Rectal STIs More Than Double HIV Risk Among Gay Men, Study Suggests

Rectal gonorrhea and chlamydia may be the culprits in putting gay men at double the risk for HIV infection, according to a new study.

By Mathew Rodriguez

What Does the HIV Epidemic Look Like in Your U.S. County?

Have you checked out the new AIDSVu? Complete with interactive zip-code level maps, it allows people to access macro- and micro-level data on HIV around the country and in their own backyard.

By Mathew Rodriguez