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Internal Condom

'Female Condom' Gets a Genderless Rebrand From FDA

After years of pressure from prevention advocates, FDA has finally given the other rubber a new name - the internal condom – and a new classification.

NHS hospital
Hepatitis C

More Than 30 Years Later, the UK Government Opens Inquiry Into Blood Contaminated With HIV and Hepatitis C

On Sept. 24, the first widespread inquiry into how thousands of people in the United Kingdom received contaminated blood in the 1970s and 1980s began with a preliminary hearing and a commemoration event dedicated to the victims.


HIV's Largely Ignored Relative, HTLV-1, Has Prevalence Rates of Up to 40% in Some Remote Areas

In the almost four decades since the discovery of HTLV-1, it has not spread nearly as far nor gotten nearly as much attention as its viral cousin, HIV, but prevalence is extraordinarily high in certain remote communities around the globe.

HIV Treatment May Be Behind Rising Syphilis Rates Among Gay Men Img
Sexually Transmitted Infections

HIV Treatment May Be Behind Rising Syphilis Rates Among Gay Men

HIV-positive individuals on antiretroviral therapy, as well as HIV-negative individuals on pre-exposure prophylaxis, may be at higher risk of contracting syphilis, according to a recent study.

Why HIV Vaccines May Be Failing Img

Why HIV Vaccines May Be Failing

Two recent, large-scale clinical trials on vaccines found higher SIV acquisition in monkeys who were vaccinated compared to those who had received the placebo. This "backfire effect" may be because increasing the number of immune cells also increases...