Mark S. King

Mark S. King has been an active AIDS activist, writer and community organization leader since the early 1980s in Los Angeles. He has been an outspoken advocate for prevention education and for issues important to those living with HIV.

Diagnosed in 1985, Mark has held positions with the Los Angeles Shanti Foundation, AID Atlanta and AIDS Survival Project, and is an award-winning writer. He continues his volunteer work as an AIDS educator and speaker for conferences and events.

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Latest by Mark S. King

USCA Plenary Halted by Trans Activists

Five trans protesters disrupted a plenary session at the U.S. Conference on AIDS to share their deeply personal stories about fighting for acceptance within the HIV community.

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At AIDS 2016, the Global Village Rocks -- and Activists Party Without Pants

First, we stroll the eye-popping, illuminating, thought-provoking Global Village at the 2016 International AIDS Conference. Then, we take our pants off.

By Mark S. King

Gay Serviceman Erased From U.S. Military; Sex Workers Talk Shop; and Gay Activists Are Cruising

Mark S. King gets up close and personal with some of the people passionately advocating for changes to HIV criminalization laws, including a discharged U.S. Army officer and Elizabeth Taylor's grandchildren. Also: Just how "cruisy" is the gay scene a...

By Mark S. King

AIDS 2016: Inside the Massive HIV Treatment Access March

Mark S. King brings us inside a massive protest through the streets of Durban, South Africa, and introduces us to activists who demand that HIV treatment is made available to people who need it, most particularly in Africa.

By Mark S. King

Gay Men at AIDS 2016 Talk PrEP, Chem Sex and Drug Smuggling (Video)

For Mark S. King, the most stunning facet of the "Gay Day" International AIDS Pre-Conference was that so many of the gay men in attendance had the courage to show up at all.

By Mark S. King

My Fabulous Disease Heads to AIDS 2016 in Durban

Mark S. King is at it again, bringing us the colorful sights, sounds, and amazing people that make up the international AIDS conference. Catch his videos here throughout AIDS2016, taking place in Durban, South Africa.

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AIDS 2014 Video Blog: A Farewell, and Final Thoughts on Melbourne

In his final report from AIDS 2014, Mark S. King reviews the overwhelming, humbling week that made the conference such a privilege to attend, and reflects on the differences between living with HIV in the U.S. and doing so elsewhere in the world.

By Mark S. King

AIDS 2014 Video Blog #5: Activist Theater, Condom Tryouts and a Mystery Man Revealed

There was HIV drama in Melbourne during AIDS 2014, both on the city's stages and on the floor of the conference building itself. Also: Why the female condom ain't so great for bums, a chat with the first-ever openly gay president of the International...

By Mark S. King

AIDS 2014 Video Blog #4: One World, One Place, Thousands of Voices -- The Awesome Advocates of HIV/AIDS

A willingness to help others is one of our most precious human traits. As you will see, it survives even the most dire life circumstances.

By Mark S. King

AIDS 2014 Video Blog #3: The Global March and Candlelight Vigil

In his most emotional video blog yet from the 20th International AIDS Conference, Mark S. King takes to the streets of Melbourne with activists for the HIV/AIDS mobilization march and candlelight vigil -- a pair of events that remind us all of why we...

By Mark S. King