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New Hope for a Cure

Since the earliest days of the epidemic, people have hoped for a cure and a vaccine. In 1984, when the discovery of HIV was confirmed, then-Secretary of Health and Human Services Margaret Heckler famously announced that a vaccine would be ready for t...

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Peering in the Pipeline

More HIV meds could be approved next year -- some that come from new classes of drugs and some from already approved classes. Here's a brief look at a few.

Blocking the Door

Peering in the PipelineSeveral drugs are targeting HIV's entry into CD4 ce...

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When to Start: A Debate

Do you think the current recommendation to begin HIV meds at a CD4 count of 350 should be changed? How important is this, since most people are diagnosed with CD4 counts below 350? Some are saying everyone with HIV should be on meds -- do you a...

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An HIV Medication Primer

An HIV Medication PrimerWith the dizzying array of HIV meds now available and new drugs being added every year, it may seem difficult if not impossible to make sense of all the choices. But in reality, for someone starting meds for the first time, th...

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Personal Perspective: Zapping for Drugs

On a Sunday afternoon in June of 1999, I got a phone call about a meeting being held that night to plan a "party." As a veteran of numerous AIDS protests with ACT UP/NY, I knew that meant an action was taking shape, but I had no idea that this meetin...

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Treatment Interruptions: SMART or Stupid?

Ten years ago, when HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy) made its debut, the theory behind using a combination of HIV drugs seemed easy enough to understand. Preliminary data suggested that HIV could be cured -- "eradicated," as experts were ...

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Why I Will Continue to Fight

As I watched the election returns, I felt a profound sense of despair and hopelessness. If the accusations of voter fraud were not true, the American people had chosen to re-elect one of the worst administrations in history, in spite of the debacle o...

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New and Improved? Next Generation Drugs in Existing Classes

Nucleoside Analogs Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NNRTIs) Protease Inhibitors (PIs)

There's lots of talk these days about new targets for antiretrovirals -- fusion, integrase, zinc fingers, and other approaches. Drugs using c...

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HAART Break: An Update on Structured Treatment Interruptions

Speaker: Richard Jefferys, Basic Science Project Director, Treatment Action Group (TAG)

STIs for People on Effective Antiretroviral Treatment STIs for People Who Have Developed Resistance to Antiretroviral Treatment STIs to Allow Auto-Immunizati...

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Hepatitis G: The Nice Virus?

Throughout the course of the AIDS epidemic, many co-factors have been investigated as possible causes of faster disease progression. But recent studies have suggested that there may be a co-factor that actually benefits people with HIV.

The hepatiti...