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Antibody Therapies Effective at Preventing HIV From Invading CD4 Cells

Two new monoclonal antibodies demonstrated success in helping people living with HIV suppress their viral loads to undetectable levels.

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Why Co-Infection May No Longer Be 'Special'

Hepatitis C treatment for HIV/HCV co-infected people, sexual transmission of HCV and other news from the AASLD Liver Meeting.

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High Sexually Transmitted Infection Rates Spur Condom Debate

At the recent IDWeek 2016 conference in New Orleans, researchers presented data to try and answer the question: What's causing the rising STI rates among gay and bisexual men over the past several years?

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Can a Two-Drug Treatment Regimen Keep HIV Under Control?

An antiretroviral regimen consisting of just two drugs -- dolutegravir and lamivudine -- led to sustained viral suppression for most people starting HIV treatment for the first time, according to findings from a small study presented in a late-breake...

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FDA Approves Descovy, an Updated Version of Truvada -- But Not for PrEP

The FDA has approved Descovy, Gilead Sciences' latest combination pill containing emtricitabine and an updated version of tenofovir.

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Should There Be More Frequent STI Screening for People on PrEP?

"Current CDC guidelines may miss a significant number of asymptomatic STIs among PrEP users," researchers concluded, suggesting that STI screening may be warranted at each three-monthly visit.

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Transgender People at High Risk for HIV, But Little Is Known About Prevention and Treatment

"There is probably no population that is both more heavily impacted [by HIV] and less discussed around the world than transgender people," said Susan Buchbinder, M.D., during a CROI 2016 presentation.

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How PrEP Changes Kidney Function

Research presented at CROI 2016 shows that Truvada PrEP is safe for most people, but impaired kidney function -- usually mild or moderate -- may occur in a small proportion of people on PrEP, especially if they have other risk factors.

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New HIV Treatments Discussed at CROI 2016

While new HIV prevention methods got the most attention at this year’s conference, researchers also presented studies of new drugs for HIV therapy. Two of these are being tested for both treatment and PrEP.

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High Rates of HIV Found Among Trans Women as New U.S. Studies Narrow Transgender Data Gap

Many HIV studies miscategorize transgender women as men who have sex with men, and there is little research on HIV in trans men. New data confirm very high rates of HIV in trans women -- and also find much more, Liz Highleyman reports.

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